Democracy as corporations see it


To the Editor:

Many saw it coming, mostly political philosophers and writers that saw the intrinsic values of democracy slowly being dismantled by the corporations. The American citizen voter embraces the idea that all change was a form of progress; little did they notice that democracy would change it’s character.

According to Sheldon S. Wolin, who wrote “Democracy Incorporated,” imperialism and democracy are incompatible and despite his warnings about the subversion and undermining of democratic institutions and the emergence of a corporate state, “To question the ideology of the free market became, even among the liberal elite, a form of heresy.”

The extreme movements have the front stage, as to the real problem President Obama has to contend with. Not only has he inherited many years of bad business from the imperial G.W. Bush, he inherited a system of constraints that make it difficult to take on these major power configurations. The tip of the iceberg will be the catch phrase for those who know better of the situation, but I doubt anyone will blame the right group that put the ostrich with it’s head in the sand.

Fred Thornbrugh

Vineyard Haven