Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Different algebra

To the Editor: Perception is a problem. Our ordinary way of thinking surrounding perception is based on a  variation of elements. I find it absolutely...

Many ways to look at people

To the Editor: In passing last week, the person that delivers our fresh produce from off Island told me how despicable it is that people...


Just imagine all the wonderful things that would get done, if it wasn't about who got the credit.

Words she lived by

I didn't write this, but I read this, from Mother Teresa, to myself every once in a while, because it is a reminder not to become resentful or hurt while attempting to give with my best intentions.

Where do we fit?

Much has been said about bullying, but there is a social dynamic surrounding the bully that actually makes it possible for the bully to succeed.

Don’t ask

Don't ask, don't tell was put in place by Congress, not the president.

So many are angry and defiant

Yesterday, someone told me that I was uninformed about the government and President Obama.

Democracy as corporations see it

Many saw it coming, mostly political philosophers and writers that saw the intrinsic values of democracy slowly being dismantled by the corporations.

Don’t go near the water

Mother, may I go and swim?Yes, my darling daughter.

Dour ditty

To the Editor: Here's an interesting little song I found in my old vinyl albums last week. The song was sung by the Kingston Trio...