Different algebra


To the Editor:

Perception is a problem. Our ordinary way of thinking surrounding perception is based on a  variation of elements. I find it absolutely amazing how different human beings are from one another, how inconsistent, how contradictory and how unlike characters in literature, whose lives and deaths so often have a harmony about them.

Life can be quite complicated — unfocused and disappointing while at the same time productive and satisfying and full of promise with a mixture of being burdened with trivia and blessed with delight, as vulnerable to ill temper and laughter, as predictable and mysterious as anyone else.

Everybody’s algebra is different.

Ironically, diplomacy does not work without intent. Sometimes even the best intentions are lost in how one-sided the opinion is voiced.

Words have always fascinated me and here lies the problem with perception. How we present our words is the difference between being attacked or connecting with the self and others in a self-responsible understanding way.

Fred Thornbrugh

Vineyard Haven