Don’t ask


To the Editor:

Don’t ask, don’t tell was put in place by Congress, not the president. The president has stated his opposition to the bill and, thanks to a recent Supreme Court decision, the parameters of the don’t ask, don’t tell policy have been ruled unconstitutional.

Paradoxically, despite his push to repeal the act, President Obama’s White House has appealed the ruling. The reasoning is that such a policy shift is best made legislatively. In other words, the policy was put in place by Congress and should only be altered by Congress.

Forcing the issue back to Congress is pitting the conservatives against the wishes of the military (per their study), the ruling of the high court, and the request of the commander in chief. Contrary to what many have stated, this is not only politically savvy, but it demonstrates courage of conviction.

The don’t ask, don’t tell supporter needs to be in the light, seen and heard by all defending their bigoted positions. We rightfully complain when the GOP say they will defund healthcare and other laws if they cannot repeal them. Are we hypocrites if we ask the president to bypass Congress on don’t ask, don’t tell?

Fred Thornbrugh

Vineyard Haven