This past weekend, Kevin and Elizabeth Oliver hosted Solon and Barrett’s family birthday party. But at the ripe old age of eight and six respectively, one must have a kid party too, so Solon celebrated with his best boys in camouflage/military style. They chowed down Chilmark Store pizza, devoured a DQ blizzard cake, and tore around the yard playing various games. The Oliver gang will repeat the process today for Master Barrett’s kid party. It has certainly been quite the week for the Olivers.

Garth and Ollie Edwards returned to their home in Essex, Conn. this past week after spending 12 days at their Abel’s Hill home. They were accompanied on their journey by their son Garth and his wife Jenny, who then returned to their home in Southport, N.C. They all enjoyed many family dinners with their daughter Nancy and her husband Hilly Thompson of Tisbury, and a weekend visit from their granddaughter Cathy and her friends from Norwalk, Conn. We will look forward to their return at the end of August.

Congratulations to Cathy Thompson who will be the new Aquinnah Public Library Director. Cathy recently returned from spending several years in Chicago. As we all know, Cathy was the long time Chilmark librarian.

Tuesday marked the start of commercial bass season. You can often see the boaters fueling up and resupplying late in the evening preparing for a midnight sendoff. Lev Wlodyka, Casey Elliston, Whitney Brush, and Nick Warburton are but a few who hail out of Menemsha and fish hard while they can.

The touch tank on the dock in front of the Texaco continues to be a roaring success. In addition to the numerous contributions of crabs, starfish, and minnows, we have had eel, scup, sea raven, lobster, and most recently a trigger fish. Thanks to Tim Broderick of F/V Four Kids for sharing his by-catch with the kids. Pointy, as I heard him called, spent the day in the tank basking in the limelight of many inquisitive young faces.

Once again, the news from my sports commentator Bill Edison is as follows: The Chilmark All Star Softball Game will be held this Sunday July 18 at 8:30 at Flanders Field. Eighteen-year-old Justin Grossman, the ’09 MVP, leads all balloting as he continues his excellence in fielding and batting. Selection of the starting pitcher is still up for grabs and you can weigh in on the decision. Go to and cast your vote before 12 midnight tomorrow for Hans, Ziggy, Dan Pinck, or Arlan. Caleb Caldwell will travel all the way from Oak Bluffs just to participate in this All-Star spectacular. John Jacobs is back from Colorado, sporting his eye-catching shark cap, ready to officiate over the Sunday game. Be there to play or to cheer as all are welcome.

The 13-14-year-old Community Center kids charity carwash was a great success this past weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for another brightly colored sign and kids jumping up and down in front of the center trying to coax you in, as I hear there will be another one coming soon.

Karen Flynn, one of the leading ladies at The Bite, shares that they are selling tickets for tomorrow night’s MV Fish Farm for Haiti Projects clambake fundraiser. Stop by The Bite for some yummy food and to purchase your tickets to this wonderful benefit event.

Well wishes go out to Josh Scott who is home after a stint in the hospital after suffering a collapsed lung. The update from his lovely bride Lindsey is that he is home resting in relative comfort after a work-related mishap. We are all glad you are home safe and sound, Josh.

Michelle and Greg O’Connor are back at their South Road home with all the boys in tow. If you haven’t had a chance to catch up with them you can, of course, find them at Squibnocket virtually every afternoon.

Wednesday, July 21 at 5:30 at the Chilmark Library, author Steven Raichlen, host of PBS cooking shows “Primal Grill” and “Barbecue University,” will talk about his new book “Planet Barbecue.”

It is birthday week for many. Happy birthday to Ted Meinelt, Kim Pachico, Frank Dunkl, Peter and Katherine Teel, David Norton, Constance Taylor, Bob Nixon, Wendy Weldon, Ted Mayhew, Joan Jenkinson, Sheila Jason, Judy Worthington, Stephanie and Bill Rossi, and Bob Conway.

Don’t forget, the Chilmark Church is the center of the universe on Tuesday evenings. Those lobster rolls are selling like hotcakes from 4 to 7 pm. Stop by and grab a dinner to go. At $13 for a well-packed lobster roll, chips and a drink, who can go wrong? Not to mention the huge chocolate chip cookie you can tack on for a dollar to cover the dessert portion of a well-rounded meal.