Year’s midpoint finds SSA stats holding their own


For the first half of 2010, Vineyard traffic on SSA vessels is up nicely, and Nantucket traffic, except freight (trucks) is flat, compared to figures for the first half of 2009. The numbers for June account for the generally positive first half results. They dragged Vineyard traffic figures up sharply against so-so performance during the first five months. And June lifted Nantucket performance out of negative territory.

Passengers on Vineyard routes were up 3.1 percent, autos up 2.3 percent, and freight rose 2.5 percent. On Nantucket routes, passenger and auto figures were flat for the first half, while freight continued to lag 4.8 percent.

For the line as a whole, revenue for the first half was up 2.2 percent for passengers and 1.1 percent for autos. Freight revenue limped along at 2.4 percent, reflecting the Nantucket drag.