They call it a doormat. A fluke of tremendous size resembling a mat you wipe your feet on, weighing in at 16 pounds, was dragged up Monday morning on the Quitsa Strider II. Matt Mayhew, Denny Jason, and Marshall Carroll set out at 5 am to catch their limit of fluke. While unloading to Alec Gale’s buy boat, the crowd gathered to see the 15-pound 9-ounce fish.

Owen Singer has said his goodbyes to the Menemsha jetty for the summer. He is headed home to New Mexico with his dad, Tom, for the first day of school. Mom Claire and brother Hugh will soon follow. His summer came to an end with a beach party surrounded by friends Bradley Carroll, Mariah and Jessica Campbell, Samantha Bunker, Brigida Larsen, Erin Hickey, Peter and Andrew Ruimerman, Galen Mayhew, and Landon Steere. Landon will say his summer goodbyes on the last day of the Fair.

Lizzie Willette, the friendly face you’ve all come to love at the Texaco, has packed her bags and begun her trip south to school in North Carolina by way of a little side trip to Six Flags in Agawam. Her farewell to all was rounded out with a traditional toss in the harbor.

Dylan Glenn and Erik Gordon hosted a midsummer cocktails and dinner party at their summer digs in Stonewall. Peter and Ronni Simon, Buddy and Lisa Vanderhoop, Craig and Lori Keefe and family, Scott Frank and kids, Julie Flanders, Chris Wells, Mike and Monique Lynch, Patrick Busch, Jack Nixon and so many more, including me and my kids, enjoyed an amazingly relaxed evening full of music, laughter, some of the funniest stories told all summer, and far too much food.

Bill and Zee Gamson’s daughter Jenny, of Newton, has been visiting with her family for several weeks. Grandchildren Maya, Ari, and Gilad can be found at Lucy Vincent Beach day after beautiful day riding the waves. They had a grand time with their Uncle Josh and little cousins, Reba and Maddy from Oakland, Calif. Zee and Bill just can’t get enough of them, even though they manage to see them quite a bit all year.

Congratulations to the Elisa Brickner Poetry Contest winners. Of the 54 submissions four winners were chosen. Aliza Astrow was the first-place writer in the junior high division with Isabella Quinones as the runner-up. Claire Wiener’s poem was chosen for first place in the high school division with Ava Geyer in the runner-up seat.

West Tisbury’s Robert and Marjory Potts are showing the wonderful film they made in the 1980s about Frances Perkins, FDR’s secretary of labor, at the Hebrew Center on August 19 at 7:30. The film is inspired by a biography of Frances Perkins found, by chance, at the Vineyard Haven Library in 1983. The only other person to take out that book was Joe Lash of Menemsha, the late great historian of Eleanor and Franklin. Marjory wrote him a letter, sent it to him in Menemsha, asking if she could speak with him about Perkins. He called, invited her over, and from there, the two made some helpful findings that went on to aid in the creation of the film.

Sarah and Eugene Langner along with their kids Sam and Josh are here visiting Grandfather Bernie Levy and his sweetheart Suzanne Greenberg. The family will manage to squeeze in 10 full days of fun with sunset strolls, time in the newly acquired playhouse, too much ice cream, and really funny knock-knock jokes.

Emma and Bob Shalhope broke with tradition this past weekend and hung out on Squid Row in the middle of the afternoon. They were barely recognizable with their Charleston Chews in broad daylight. Dusk is the time they usually venture down the hill from home to wander the dock and chat with friends. Fortunately, they managed to squeeze in a second trip so the crowd was not completely thrown out of sync in their absence.

In his playing days of long ago, Bill Edison was once suspended for rubbing pine tar on his bat. You too can be an umpire on the sidelines and contribute your two cents on such controversies at Flanders Field. There are only three more games to go to finish out the 2010 season. The season finale is slated for Labor Day weekend. The starting time was scheduled at 8:30 am but with the remarkable early turnout, games have been known to begin as early as 7:45.

Birthday wishes go out to Bryce Cioffi who now only has one more year of counting birthdays on one hand. Birthday wishes go out to Ellen Biskis, Lucas Murphy, Beth Campbell and many more.

Don’t forget, our very own artist Tracy Thorpe has her watercolors on display at the Chilmark Library until September 2.