Oak Bluffs bears brunt of power outages in storm

Oak Bluffs residents bore the brunt of electrical outages in Monday’s storm, according to NSTAR spokesman Michael Durand.

“There were two events that affected a significant number of customers, one due to falling tree limbs,” he said in a phone call Tuesday.

The first significant power outage occurred at about 1:45 pm on Monday in Oak Bluffs in the vicinity of State Road. About 3,000 customers initially affected by the outage had power restored within four minutes. “We were able to rearrange the electric system so that customers that were not directly affected by the problem got their power back very quickly,” Mr. Durand said.

However, another 3,300 customers who were affected by the same incident lost power for about two to two-and-a-half hours. “We had to locate the problem, which ended up being a tree limb, and then we had to make the repairs,” Mr. Durand said.

A second power outage also occurred in Oak Bluffs around 4 pm, affecting about 2,000 customers in the vicinity of Towanticut Avenue for an hour and a half.

“That one was caused by a piece of equipment that failed,” Mr. Durand said. “We don’t know with 100 percent certainty that it was weather-related, but it is very likely it was. Sometimes there’s an unnoticeable fault in a piece of equipment, and with that kind of wind and rain, it could affect the equipment, whereas otherwise it wouldn’t.”

Other than the two significant events in Oak Bluffs, there were scattered outages for other parts of the Island affecting a couple of hundred electrical customers during the storm, Mr. Durand said. On Tuesday fewer than 100 NSTAR customers were without power on the entire Cape and Martha’s Vineyard, a normal day in terms of electrical service, he added.