SSA traffic stronger during first seven months of 2010


Steamship Authority traffic volumes for Vineyard routes are comfortably up as of the end of July in all categories. For Nantucket routes, there has been some improvement in passengers and autos, but freight has fallen sharply in the first seven months of 2010.

Vineyard passengers rose 3.2 percent, or 36,662, above figures for the same seven months of 2009. Autos rose 2.4 percent, or 4,701, and freight (trucks) rose just 1.4 percent.

For Nantucket, passengers rose 1.1 percent, autos two percent, but freight declined 4.2 percent.

Across the line as a whole, revenue for the seven month period was up 2.2 percent for passengers, 2.5 percent for autos, but fell 1.7 percent for freight, or about $212,000.

July was quite strong in all categories for both islands. Passenger traffic rose 3.3 percent to and from the Vineyard and 2.4 percent for Nantucket. Auto traffic increased a whopping 7 percent for Nantucket and 2.5 percent for the Vineyard. Freight volume was off the pace for the year ago month for both islands, down 4.3 percent for the Vineyard and 1.3 percent for Nantucket.