Weekends certainly have not slowed down in town. We took a ride down Saturday afternoon and circled the block for parking as if it were July. Well, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but still. Wedding season is in full swing, and flocks of wedding-goers in their finery wander in and out of our downtown establishments, passing time between ceremony and reception.

Gail Avakian and I headed out to Katama Airfield for breakfast Saturday morning. I have to say, after doing my bit of research last month on the roots of the shirttail cutting tradition when Jeff Donaroma completed his first solo flight, I’m so fascinated by the whole thing. My fascination took on a whole new level sitting there with my coffee and reading the pilots’ names. First of all, some of the people I never would have guessed could fly a plane. Then there are the families who do it together. Mike Creato’s first solo flight was followed by brother Tim’s, then a few shirttails down, brothers Tony and Rick Serpa in rapid succession. Very cool.

People keep suggesting I mention our Edgartownians who have been gracing the Derby leaderboards. Call me superstitious, but you know that curse where, when they put your favorite athlete on the cover of Sports Illustrated, the next day he either busts an ankle or gets arrested or something? Well, I’m not trying to compare my humble little column to SI by any means, but we really don’t need anyone falling off a boat. ‘Nuff said. I can point you in the direction of mvderby.com, where you can check the leaderboards to your heart’s content and root for our Edgartown fisher-peeps.

The Edgartown Library will be dedicating a sculpture by Zimbabwean artist Enoch Mufundi, entitled “Spring Is Here,” in a brief ceremony honoring the memory of Jacqueline Pimentel, long-time island resident and arts advocate, at 3 pm on Saturday, Oct. 2, the anniversary of her death. The sculpture is a gift to the library from a group of Ms. Pimentel’s close friends who wish to celebrate her life, both through the gift of art and by benefiting the Edgartown Library, which figured importantly in Ms. Pimentel’s life. All are welcome to attend the dedication and the reception that will follow.

The Martha’s Vineyard Women’s Network (MVWN) will host a panel of Island business leaders who credit successful branding with helping them develop their companies on Tuesday, Oct. 5, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm at the Harbor View Hotel. The panel will be led by Carol Kolodny of Kolodny Dorr Media Design and will feature representatives from Vineyard Vines, Sharky’s Cantina, Menemsha Blues, and the Alison Shaw Gallery. The panel will discuss the trials and tribulations of creating a company image and the resulting successes. The program will include practical and professional advice and will be aimed at both new and established businesses. For further information or to pre-register, go to www.mvwomensnetwork.org or email info@mvwomensnetwork.org.

This week in news from other towns of interest to all, the Community Solar Greenhouse (COMSOG) Fall Festival will be held this year on Sunday, October 3, from 12 noon to 3 pm at 114 New York Avenue (next to the Bait Shop) in Oak Bluffs. Fun will include games, trifles and treasures, a raffle, free soup, band music, and vendors. For more information, contact Carole Early, 508-693-7914.

Isaac Trance blew out the candles on his first birthday cake September 12, surrounded by friends and family. A belated happy birthday to you, Isaac. Can’t wait to watch you grow.

Congratulations to Cheryl Welch on her new lawnmower. The second she announced the new acquisition out her car window, I deemed it newsworthy. File this away under “slow news week” if you must, but I’m just waiting to see a sporty black Land Rover with Welch Landscaping signs on the doors wheeling about town from lawn to lawn. Cheryl, any time you want to come wrangle my sad grass, you’re welcome to.

In the meantime, if any of you purchase any new yard equipment, catch a big fish that you feel confident enough putting in print, or celebrate a milestone, drop me an email.