Vote no on Question Two


To the Editor:

Question two on the ballot this November 2 would repeal our state’s main affordable housing law. I hope you will join me in voting against this reckless effort. We cannot let this law be taken away from our seniors and working families who need it. This is particularly critical for the residents of the Vineyard

The affordable housing law is responsible for 80 percent of the affordable housing built outside of the major cities over the last decade. Without this law, almost no new affordable housing would be built in most communities across the Commonwealth. It has provided home ownership for teachers, nurses, seniors, social workers, and veterans. For young working families, these homes provide opportunities to live in the town where they were raised. For seniors, these homes provide an opportunity to stay in the communities where they built their lives and downsize to a more affordable home.

If this law is repealed, it would immediately halt the creation of housing that is affordable to modest income families and seniors in most areas of the Commonwealth at a time of high unemployment, record foreclosures, and growing homelessness. Simply put, without this law we can’t provide affordable housing for our residents.

Don’t forget to Vote no on Question Two.

Mike ShepardVineyard Haven