We typically associate babies with spring. That is the time of year you see spotted fawns poking their heads out from behind a bush, bleating little lambs with their long dangling tails, or little turkeys following mother hen pecking at the grass. But, fall seems to be a special time of year for babies of the human kind. We have two new wee ones to welcome to Chilmark.

On Sunday, Sept. 26, Susan and Jeff Parker welcomed grandson Moses Y. Thomson into the mix. The amazing new Martha’s Vineyard Hospital maternity ward is where mother Rebekah and father Josh greeted their son for the first time. Leah, almost two years old, is the proud big sister.

Born the following day to Dardy (Muldaur) and Sean Slavin was Corrick McDonnell Slavin. He arrived into the comfort of his very own home surrounded by some truly special people. He was born at 6:32 am weighing in at 7 pounds, 10 ounces. Quinlan will certainly show his new little brother all the tricks of the trade in regards to being a cool boy. Don’t forget that Sheila Muldaur is the glowing grandmother once again.

Karsten Larsen had a noteworthy recent catch. He and his crew on the Kathleen E got into some big ones and brought three giant tuna to market that were shipped to Japan. The largest was, I believe, 860 pounds.

What is with goats these days? I always thought it was hamsters and guinea pigs that made easy family pets. I stand corrected since two families in town have goats gracing their backyards. Lathrop, Ella, Thea, and Adelaide Keene have three new little cuties named Lulu, Olive, and Tashi mowing the grass, and Hollis, Delilah, Barrett and Solon Oliver have Opal, Ruby, and Diamond chomping on vegetation.

The Noyes-Keene clan will be partying it up this week by celebrating six birthdays! Thea Keene will turn nine on Friday the eighth. Also celebrating a noteworthy birthday is Hillary’s sister Heather, who will be celebrating her belated 50th with the gang. Heather is visiting from Denver with her husband, Billy, and daughters, Lilli and Juno, all of whom have October birthdays.

Happy birthday to Coco Adams and Mary Maida, too.

Please extend a belated happy anniversary to Lori and Craig Keefe who celebrated, just the two of them, by dining out at Chesca’s and strolling the streets of Edgartown.

The Chilmark School Outing Program “where learning has no limits” has partnered up with Flower Power Fundraising to raise money to continue the program that provides our students with lifelong memories. If you are interested in ordering bulbs or plants, please go online to and look for the Chilmark School. Or if it is easier, simply call or email me or any other parent of a Chilmark student.

Just a reminder, Rusty Walton’s memorial service will be held this Saturday, Oct. 9 at 2 pm at the Community Center. It will be a potluck affair where friends and family can gather to share stories, memories, thoughts and, I hope, a few laughs. Rusty was a truly dedicated member of our community.

Congratulations to Casey Elliston who ventured down to Derby Headquarters and weighed in the biggest bass on Saturday. His name isn’t on the list of division leaders, but he won the $500 and got a hat trick, too. I wish some of his luck would rub off on me. Patrick and Wyatt Jenkinson, Quinn Keefe, Ryan Kurth, John Bunker, Gus Leaf, Chris Mayhew, Matt Mayhew, Bryce Cioffi and Johnny Graham are a few other Chilmark names that have been on the board. Johnny Graham has been fishing hard and, thus far, is one of only three with a grand slam. According to Marshall Carroll and Lev Wlodyka, they have caught Derby fever and, quoting a funny skit about bass, they “want to catch a big striped bass maybe a 50-pounder… (They) must remain with the fish and chase them.”

Linda Thompson’s art opening at the Chilmark Library will take place this Saturday, Oct. 9, from 3 to 5 pm. Her exhibit of Vineyard landscapes and Brooklyn streetscapes will be on display during library hours through October 28.

Save October 30 from 9 am till noon to attend the Women’s Symposium XXVI entitled “Making Memories.” As always, the event is free, but donations are kindly appreciated to cover the costs associated with the event. There will be guest speakers, small group discussions, and refreshments.

Don’t forget, pizza nights are back in full swing at the Chilmark Church. Show up at 6 pm and be prepared for some witty banter and a few laughs. As always, all ages are welcome.

“Listen! the wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves, we have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!” — Humbert Wolfe