It has been a big year for the Villa family. On August 7, Marc escorted his daughter down the aisle to greet her new husband Cecil French. The happy couple, along with nine-year-old Lorenzo, makes Manchester, Massachusetts their home. September 22 was an exciting day for Andrea (Villa) and Shane Birkel. Lucy Margaret Birkel became the newest Villa grandchild who eats and sleeps with her parents in Keene, New Hampshire.

Josh Aronie from the Menemsha Café updated me on their new fall hours. They will be open for lunch from 10 am to 2 pm Monday through Friday and closed on weekends. Josh plans to be in the kitchen by about 8 most mornings getting ready for the day, and if he is, he’d be willing to pour you a cup of coffee and whip up a light breakfast. Just remember, this is nothing official, so don’t hold him to it. Also, starting October 22, they will be open from 5 to 8 pm for Friday night suppers — a favorite of many locals.

With the passing of Columbus Day weekend, we say farewell for now to the Fenners at the Galley and look forward to yummy soft serve once again next spring. Also, see you in 2011 is what we must say to the Olivers at the Market. Thanks for being there when we were short a quart of cream or in need of a quick birthday gift for a childhood friend.

Peter, Alicia, Olivia, and Adam Knight hit the open road for the long weekend and travelled to New Hampshire to visit with friends and maybe mix in a little fall fun known as picking apples.

Warren Doty, Frank Fenner, and Jonathan Mayhew, our three dedicated Selectmen made a trip to Fairhaven to attend a meeting of the Seaport Advisory Council. They made a presentation to the full council describing the town plan to rebuild our docks in Menemsha. The three were introduced at the meeting by Representative Tim Madden, who has worked to get us financial help. After their presentation the council voted to give us $200,000 for our project. I am very proud of them for their efforts and they were so pleased that they presented the council chairman, Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, with a box of Chilmark Chocolates.

Phoebe, Isabel, Megan, Sophie, Rebecca (Harrison), and David Parker ventured to town from their Carlisle home to visit with family and friends this past weekend. They only could swing staying one night, which was certainly not enough time to squeeze in everything. They did manage to fit in a visit with the Noyes-Keene clan, take a stroll on Squibnocket beach with their puppy, Willow, and have an indulgent moment at Mad Martha’s before driving to the ferry for their return home.

Bob and Emma Shalhope have said their goodbyes until next spring. Our faithful friends from the house atop Menemsha Hill have headed back south to Oklahoma for the winter. I was the lucky one who got to reap the benefits of their departure with the gift of pantry items, including fudge sauce. Yum! I think I forgot to share that their beautiful daughter, Adelaide, now residing in England, celebrated her wedding day this past spring. How happy we are for her.

A reminder to all: This Saturday is the annual Justin L. Coleman Memorial Hike-a-thon. Noon at 160 South Road is the start time and location. Options for a three-mile or a ten-mile hike are available. In 2003, at the age of 27, Justin died from head injuries sustained in a car accident in Australia. The Justin Lord Coleman Foundation, among many other causes, helps sponsor a local seat belt awareness campaign.

A big thank-you to the town for its support in the proposed addition of a bathroom to the wonderful little community we know as the Chilmark Preschool. Chris Abrams and her remarkable support staff, have been blessed with the opportunity to foster further growth with the upcoming addition to the classroom.

Tomorrow is the first Chilmark School community lunch in what is hoped to be a monthly series of meals. The community lunch is collaboration between the Chilmark School community, Island Grown Initiative, Slow Food MV, and The Kitchen Porch catering company. kindergartener Jack Lionette’s father, Robert, who works with Jan Buhrman of The Kitchen Porch, will be the guest chef. The idea behind these meals is to build community through the shared experience of harvesting, preparing, and hosting a delicious and healthy meal using locally grown vegetables and meats from Island farms. Working in collaboration with the school garden and perhaps eventually making farm visits, students will gain an expanded awareness of where their food comes from and how it can be prepared into healthy and delicious meals.

Happy 15th anniversary to Marshall Carroll.