Oak Bluffs


Columbus Day weekend brought us most beautiful sunny, cool weather and the opportunities to work outside and catch up on some of those chores to get ready for colder weather… or we could have just enjoyed the beauty of the day. Now many businesses are being shuttered for the winter, and we see quite a few signs around town saying “closed for the season.” But from all the events taking place, it is obvious that the Island is never closed for any season.

October 19, at 1 pm at the Wakeman Center the monthly meeting of the M.V. Garden Club will be held. The topic for this month’s program is Do You Really Know What Organic Is? Lisa Fisher and Nancy Weaver will present the program. A hospitality hour with refreshments will follow the program. All persons interested in horticulture, flower arranging, and preserving the best qualities of the Island environment are welcome.

The Mansion House will offer a Free Aqua Aerobics class on Sunday, October 17, at 3:30. This class is ideal for a variety of fitness levels. Try a sauna to make your experience at the Mansion House complete.

The New Ag Hall in West Tisbury will be the site for a celebration Saturday, October 23, from 4 to 5:30 pm to honor Congressman William D. Delahunt and State Senator Robert O’Leary. They will be guests of honor at an event to show appreciation for their hard work in supporting and helping the Vineyard with many projects. You are asked to please bring a finger food. Beverages will be provided.

Get your tickets now for the 39th annual all you can eat Harvest Supper of the United Methodist Church of Martha’s Vineyard at the Stone Church in Vineyard Haven on Saturday, October 23, with servings at 5 and 6:45 pm. For reservations, call 508-693-1608. The tickets cost $15 for adults and $7 for children under 12.Picture Day at the school is scheduled for October 18. If you did not receive an order form, please ask your child’s teacher to provide you with one.

The school is still looking for community members to join the School Advisory Council (SAC). This important body helps the school to compose its School Improvement Plan and to set budget priorities, both very important tasks. If you know a community member who might like to serve, please ask him or her to contact the school.

Every Friday morning at about 8:30, the school-wide Community Meeting is held. Birthdays and holidays are acknowledged, and there are various activities and entertainment, and sometimes there is a chance for everyone to say goodbye to people who are important contributors to the Oak Bluffs School. Tomorrow, October 15, will be the time to say goodbye to former Principal Laury Binney. Please attend if you can.

On October 20, dismissal will be at noon to facilitate Staff Professional Day. Make plans to attend the PTP Halloween Party on October 30.

I have had a few responses to a couple of items in my column. Anna Tomlinson said that the item about summer visitors asking that all-too-familiar question “what do you to in winter?” brought back memories of her grade school teacher telling the students that “no intelligent person is ever bored.”

Genevieve Abbot, daughter of the late Bideau Abbot, and her husband feel they have an answer to my question, “I wonder if animals’ routines are changed by the shorter days and longer nights of winter?” They say definitely yes, because their two Labs and their rescue cat are exhibiting very different behavior as fall progresses. They don’t yearn to go out half as much, they all sleep on their bed much of the day and all of the night. And they seem much more content to just hang around the house and yard (much like us).

We send birthday smiles to Jen Combra on October 14, Lu Healey and Diane Clauson on the 15th, Renee Balter the next day, Richard Mello Sr. and Kayla Bryn deBettencourt on October 17. Vincent Frye and Fritz Knight share the 18th, Erich Luening and Herb Landers party on the 19th, and Nathan Francis and Saige Araujo on the 20th.

Tons of October birthday smiles are sent to residents of Aidylberg Village: Geneva Thurmond and Eleanore Tompkins, and Woodside Village residents: Constance Sanborn, Geoff Spence, Esther MacLean, Priscilla Parris, Enos Ray, Alma West, Pat Matola, Helen Dropick and Sonny Mendez.Enjoy your week.Peace.