Offshore Ale’s two-for-one


Winter is coming, the days are getting shorter (sunset is 4:27 pm tonight, Nov. 10), but don’t go into hibernation yet. Offshore Ale Co. has begun its weekly two-for-one dinner special.

Last Monday night, Nov. 1, was the first night. “Two-for-one night is really social, it has a community feel, there’s lots of table-hopping and connecting with familiar faces,” says co-owner Phil McAndrews.

Many like Offshore because of its wide variety of menu items. You can bring a friend and share a pizza, or try a heartier offering, such as the Fisherman’s Stew. With littlenecks, Kalamata olives, chorizo, mussels, Atlantic cod, it’s all simmered in a tomato-fennel broth with a surprise at the bottom: turnip puree, to turn those last few bites, (best with the toasted baguette) into creamy goodness. The Fish and Chips, battered in Offshore’s own Amber Ale, or the 8-ounce burger are good choices for comforting, winter dinners.

For lighter fare and things to share, try the pub salad, made with Boston lettuce, sliced pear, bleu cheese, and endive, that lends a pleasant bitterness (as well as minerals like folate and vitamins A and K) and a barely-there shallot pear vinaigrette. The truffle fries, three cheese fried ravioli, humus with olives and harissa (a spicy chili paste from North Africa), and beer-battered calamari make the perfect edible centerpieces for everyone to share.

After many requests from loyal customers, appetizers are now available in the two-for-one deal and Billy Seaborn of Edgartown suggests you try the turkey wings. “They’re not your average pub fare, but the turkey wings are delicious, crispy, flavorful, and juicy.”

Getting in line with the local food revolution, Offshore is offering more homemade soups, specials, and desserts this year. Speaking of dessert, if you are of the sort whose dining experience is incomplete without a little something sweet, check out Offshore’s new menu of homemade desserts. All of their after-dinner delights are prepared daily by Leslie Hewson, former co-owner of the Mediterranean.

Monday isn’t the only night to be at Offshore. Check out the jazz trio on Tuesdays, or Irish music with Gregg Harcourt and Mary Wolverton on Wednesdays. New in December is the Pub Club. Year round residents can sign up and take advantage of special offers and discounts all winter. Thursday night will be full of games and discounts. Think wheel of fortune but with food as the grand prize. With the spin of a wheel you might find yourself with a free basket of fries, or perhaps, with a very lucky spin, your dinner will be on the house.

Like most Vineyard businesses, Offshore has its busy summer season, but the ale house maintains a pleasant bustle year-round. Something about the dim lights, peanuts on the floor, brick fireplace, and dark wooden interior makes you feel right at home on a cold November night.

“It’s a good winter place, and we have a consistent crowd,” says Guinevere Cramer, server. “Offshore is a tradition for so many people, it’s like Cheers but with better beer.”

If Sunday is your night to go out, do it right with dinner and a movie. With two entrees at Offshore, you get one free movie pass to Edgartown Cinemas, and can purchase an additional ticket for $4.50.

So don’t let the 4:26 pm sunset get you down. Offshore Ale is warm and cozy, there’s something to eat and drink for every appetite, and this time of year, more likely than not, a familiar face to share it with.