It’s rainy, it’s windy, and it’s dark at four o’clock. Well, it certainly feels like November. What great weather for watching an old movie or reading a classic, curled up on the couch in a nest of comforters and wool blankets. Me, I plan on using this winter to chip away at War and Peace, gifted to me by Rico Robb three years ago. I’m slowly making a couple hundred pages of progress each winter. At this rate I’ll be through it by 2013.

David Alton informs me that he and Anthony Cappelli, natives of Pittsburgh, will be taking their daughters, Emelia and Michelle to their first pro football game November 14: Steelers vs. Pats, at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field. I’m proud to say Michelle asked Dad if she could wear her Wes Welker jersey. I think we can guess his answer, but I say go for it! Coreen Alton will be going as well. Also, thanks to Scotty Paige, this travel team will attend the Penguin/Rangers hockey game. Have fun (and go Pats!).

The United Methodist Church of Martha’s Vineyard will hold their Annual Holiday Fair and Cafe Saturday, November 13 from 9 to 2 pm at the Trinity Parish House in Oak Bluffs (across from the Tabernacle). Offerings will include baked goods, homemade items, jewelry, and more. A luncheon from 11 to 1 will include clam chowder, rolls, salad, pie, and beverages. For more information call 508-693-4424.

The Friends of the Library will host an open meeting on Monday the 8th at 4 pm at the Edgartown Public Library. Library director Felicia Cheney and others will discuss “what WE can do for the library, not what the library can do for US.” Those in attendance will vote on a new set of by-laws at this gathering. Refreshments will be served. All are welcome and encouraged to bring their friends. For further information, contact Janice Belisle at 508-627-4861.

A reminder to all of you thinking about getting a new pet or a friend for an existing pet, Martha’s Vineyard Helping Homeless Animals is packed with cats and dogs in desperate need of a home. The summer season has left the shelter full of needy animals and they have to make room. Contact Kym Cyr at 508-221-6931 for more information and directions to their shelter on June Ave. in Oak Bluffs. The shelter also has ongoing needs for volunteers who can commit to putting in a couple of hours a week to help care for these unwanted but not unloved animals. Give these little dudes homes, or at least a bit of your time, and the animals won’t be the only ones who find it rewarding.

Happy belated anniversary to TM and Marie Araujo, who celebrated 26 years of marriage on November 5. Hope you had a lovely time. Funny to think my husband, Dave Weagle, 11 years old at the time, was there watching his Auntie Marie get married to an Island guy. Who’d have thought little Dave would eventually wash up on our shore and become an Island guy like his Uncle TM?

So many birthdays coming up! Barbara McCarron has written with happy birthday wishes to her children. Audrey turns 11 on November 17, and Greg, Jr. turns 13 November 20. Beth Ann Hiller reports that Dr. Jerry Fritz of the Federated Church celebrates his day November 13, followed by Caitlin Fritz November 14. Also, it will be 101 candles for Marion Morten at the Henrietta Brewer House November 17. A toss of confetti for Alicia Nicholson who celebrates her birthday November 16.

Today is Veterans Day, which is personal for many of us who have family and friends serving overseas, as well as those who have heard and answered the call in the past. I thank my grandfather, Ted Morgan, my father, Michael Dolby, and my cousin, Dylan Morgan, for their time and work. Please thank those nearest you, and think of those whose families still wait for their safe return.