Narrow gains for SSA traffic

With nearly eleven months gone in 2010, the Steamship Authority reports modest increases in passenger and auto volumes, to and from both islands. Freight (truck) traffic for the line is off four-tenths of a percent from the 2009 pace, largely because of a 2.6 percent decline in Nantucket freight and a negligible four-tenths of a percent increase in Vineyard freight.

Vineyard passenger volume increased 1.8 percent for the year, as of the end of the third week in November. Nantucket passengers increased 1.2 percent, and the line as a whole recorded a 1.7 percent jump.

For cars, Vineyard traffic grew 1.5 percent, Nantucket 1.3 percent, and the line 1.5 percent, according to SSA figures released November 21.

Revenue for the period rose eight-tenths of a percent for passengers, 1.5 percent for autos, but declined 2.9 percent for freight.