Diverse food and sustainability


To the Editor:

On Friday, December 10, communities around the world celebrated local and sustainable food for the second annual Terra Madre Day, organized by Slow Food International. This global day of action was one of the largest collective celebrations of food diversity ever held, with more than 1,000 events organized in more than 100 countries around the world to protect, enjoy and promote food from small-scale farmers and producers.

This year, a key focus of Terra Madre Day was “1000 Gardens in Africa,” Slow Food’s new project to develop community and school food gardens across the continent. Here on the Vineyard, two events were held to raise money for a garden in a community in Africa — a local dinner at the Menemsha Café, and a potluck dinner and concert at the Chilmark Community Center.

Together, we raised enough money to sponsor the building of one of the gardens in Africa and make a substantial donation to the Island Food Pantry. It was an inspirational evening, made possible with the help of many Islanders who donated their time, energy, food, and music, to bring to light the local food movement that is growing both here and around the world.

We thank, in no particular order, Josh Aronie and the Menemsha Café, Good Night Louise, Willy Mason, Jemima James, The Capoeira group, Devon Greene, Albert Fischer, Mermaid Farm, Morning Glory Farm, Amoy Anderson, Korrine Altieri, Lily Gazaille, Meghan McHugh, Alyssa Adler, Liam Gude, Bennet Schwab, and Olsen Houghton from MVRHS Leadership Class.

Thank you, and happy solstice.

Kaila Binney

Chris Fischer

West Tisbury