Oak Bluffs


Can you believe we actually got a white Christmas and not only that, the weather forecast seemed to be right on the money. It was a perfect holiday weekend to stay inside and enjoy the wood stove fire. I couldn’t decide whether to read, knit, or just watch the many birds feeding at the bird feeders. There were tufted titmice, chickadees bouncing through on their path to food, nuthatches, many variety of woodpeckers, and of course the peaceful mourning doves picking up the seeds the other birds had scattered on the ground.

My lab Molly decided it was perfect weather to go out and fetch the tennis balls I managed to throw without slipping and falling. Just like a child, she really didn’t want to come back inside. Many families managed to arrive from off-Island for the holiday weekend. Ginny Hall’s daughter and son-in-law, Heather and Leon Holt, and their boys Myles and Lucas were among those lucky enough to be here.

Joe and Maguette Cogliano are here spending college break with their mother Rose as are other students who are studying off-Island.

Winter programs are slowly starting up again. The West Tisbury Congregational Church community suppers will begin on Wednesday, Jan. 5, at 5:30 pm and will be held every Wednesday through March 30 — weather permitting. Side dishes will be gratefully accepted but not required.

On Thursday, Jan. 6, at 6 pm, the Oak Bluffs Library Movie Night will feature a Classic American musical about seven bachelor brothers looking for brides (the real name can’t be used in publicity). There will be free popcorn and a movie musical trivia contest.

The deadline for entries for the third annual photo contest sponsored by Martha’s Vineyard Magazine is tomorrow, so get those photos in.

Birthday smiles to Ara BenDavid, Anita Combra, and Claudia Metell on December 31, Jen Jenkinson and Michelle Bettencourt on January 2, followed by Nola Mavro, Chris Alley, and Nicole deBettencourt on the 3rd, Kate Fieffer and Jules BenDavid on the 5th. Belated smiles to Marie Fisher whose birthday was December 22.

This is the time of year we remember residents of Oak Bluffs who have left us with only memories, but we will always think about them in the years ahead. So we say a final farewell to Henry Corey — lawyer, father, grandfather; Peter Regan — former Postmaster, husband, father, grandfather; John Gibson — beloved son of Bobby Ann, father and grandfather; Danny Meader Postal worker, husband; Loretta Balla — Sea View proprietress and welcoming hostess to many patrons; Linda Frances — sister, mother, grandmother; Erick Clements — beloved son and brother; Barbra Lewis — mother, grandmother; Normand Ponte — husband, father, and grandfather; Jenny Rollins Larson — daughter, wife, and grandmother; Paul Manzie — finance director for Oak Bluffs, husband and father; Charlie Barr — cheerful resident, husband, father, grandfather; John Pachico Jr. — Island fisherman, beloved partner, father, grandfather; Gerry DeBettencourt — sister, aunt, business woman, former selectman; Frenchy DeHaro — friend to many, father, and grandfather.

We must also remember two former Oak Bluffs residents with generations of ties to our town: Carol Combra Clark — wife, mother, and grandmother; Clem Packish — Mr. UPS, husband, father, and grandfather.

My New Year’s wish for all is this Irish Blessing, author unknown.May Joy and Peace surround us,Contentment latch our door,And happiness be with us now.And bless us evermorePeace