A splash of color at Edgartown Paint Shoppe


The weather is certainly keeping us inside for a little while longer, which means you might be going slightly stir crazy. Why not take all that pent-up energy and focus it on something beneficial, like giving your home a colorful face-lift. According to Terri Heylin, associate at Edgartown Paint Shoppe, “Inside is fun to paint. You can transform a whole space in a day.”

When I visited Edgartown Paint Shoppe on Monday, I walked from a dreary, overcast environment into a space so bright I needed shades — thanks to the exuberant personalities of Terri and owner Robert “Coo” Cavallo. They are so passionate about what they do, that they almost eclipsed the colorful array displayed in their palate of 1,500 color choices.

When asked what is “hot” in the paint world right now, Coo was quick to respond. “Going green with environmentally friendly, zero VOC (volatile organic compound) paint. We have the largest selection as people are really being drawn to the healthier-for-you options. Our zero VOC paint is a latex paint. Most people use a latex paint, as oils are being phased out.”

All good to know in my book.

When the conversation turned to popular colors, both Terri and Coo had an opinion. Terri said “Greens, blues and grays — lots of neutrals,” where Coo said, “It is all over as terms of colors are based on an individual’s taste and lots of people choose bold colors.” Terri made the point, “We can match any color into any paint,” and Coo piped in, “With today’s technology we can match anything. Just bring in a paint chip, swatch, or the physical item you want to match and we can make it happen.”

I have to admit that the whole painting process is somewhat daunting to me. Terri reassured me that it’s easier than most think, while Coo agreed that, “Most people come in knowing exactly what they want as people are getting savvy with online education.” Coo understands people’s hesitation and reminded me that there are many professional painters on-Island that one can choose to use instead of doing it themselves. He also cautioned those exuberant home do-it-yourselfers that, “Your outside home really needs to be done by a professional for safety’s sake.”

I was compelled ask about prices. “We can work within any budget, low, medium, or high,” Terri said. “If you are doing the painting yourself, it can be as inexpensive as doing a whole room for $50. Sweat equity, all you need is a gallon of paint and a tube of caulk.”

Terri encourages anyone to take the leap and add a new splash of color to their home. She offered a helpful hint before you take on the task: “Stick with your first color instinct.” Coo reminds you to “Put it up as the worst thing that can happen is you have to redo it.” Terri suggests, “Have fun. It’s just paint.”

They are so full of knowledge and willing to help you plan how to make your foray into the painting world a successful one, including Terri’s reminder, “Do your ceilings, walls, and trim in that order to avoid drips.”

Edgartown Paint Shoppe, 234 Upper Main Street, Edgartown. Open 7 days a week. 508-627-5112.