Indoor pools where there should be basements. Lakes where there should be yards. Waterfalls and whitewater rapids where there should be roads. This town certainly had its hands full last week, and I am certain some of you are still cleaning up the aftermath from the torrential rains that fell. Even those who remember the 1938 hurricane say they’ve never seen anything like it. It was certainly something for the record books and I am thankful that, to the best of my knowledge, you are all still out there swapping stories.

While we are experiencing wet weather, our friends in New Mexico are experiencing a drought. A big hello goes out to Claire Ganz, Tom, Owen and Hugh Singer. We look forward to summer when you return.

This week is school vacation. Trips to far away places, trips to locations nearby, visiting grandparents and friends, staycations, yard work, and just plain lounging are all on the agenda.

I try not to write about me too much, but this week I have something I’d like to share. Brooks turned eight on Saturday. For his birthday we were lucky enough to score tickets to a Red Sox game. After consuming, popcorn, peanuts (thrown at him over the crowd), cotton candy (the blue dye of course lingered in his mouth for the duration of the afternoon), a hot pretzel, and who knows what else, he still had a smile on his face as he belted out “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” along with the other 37,000 fans that filled Fenway Park. The Sox managed a 4-1 win over the Toronto Blue Jays and he was there at his first game on his birthday in a seat just off first base to experience it. What a day.

John Roberts of 22 Highmark was kind enough to share some news about his son, Jeff. On May 25 the senior will graduate with Honors from Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. He has accepted a job with Deutsche Bank in New York City working at the Equity Capital Markets Group at 60 Wall Street. He will spend his first eight weeks at their London office to study their WW Networking Program.

Co-chair of the Chilmark Democrats, Zee Gamson, shares that there will be an opportunity to listen to speakers and voice concerns regarding the future of the Up-Island School District on Tuesday, April 26, at 7 pm at the Chilmark Library. The presenters include Perry Ambulos, Chilmark’s representative to the Up-Island School District; Susan Stevens, principal of the Chilmark School; Susan Parker, former representative to the Up-Island School District; school teachers; and local food leaders Noli Taylor and Lindsey Scott.

Bonnie George asks that we save the date for The Women’s Symposium XXVII, entitled “Beginnings,” which will be held at the Community Center on Saturday, April 30, from 9 am to 12 noon. As always, there will be speakers, small group discussions, and refreshments. The event is free, but donations to cover costs are greatly appreciated. Please contact Bonnie at 508-645-3214 with any questions you might have.

Ted and Judy Mayhew have returned tan and well rested after an extended stay at Sugarloaf Key. Surrounded by blue water, soft sandy beaches, iguanas, and fresh fruit, the couple had great fun relaxing and adventuring with long-time friends Kathie and Emmett Carroll. Yes, the two couples snuck away but were checked on from time to time by visitors including grandson Tyler who certainly kept them in check.

Pam Goff shares that the Chilmark Church will host its annual Easter egg hunt right after the 9 am Easter service. Bring a basket: all are welcome to enjoy the festivities.

The folks at the MV Center for Living urge us all to dine at Sharky’s Cantina on Tuesday, April 26. By participating in “Dine to Donate,” Sharky’s owner JB Blau has provided an easy way to make a charitable donation while sneaking out from your kitchen. Simply dine at Sharky’s on the 26th and JB will donate 15 percent of his dinner sales to the MV Center for Living.

Looking ahead, mark your calendar and save that date. May 17 you can dine to donate, again at Sharky’s, to both the Chilmark School and the Chilmark Preschool PTOs.

Let’s get official here for a moment: We are asked to assemble at the Chilmark Community Center on Monday the 25th day of April at 7:30 in the evening for our annual town meeting. On Wednesday, the 27th day of April, we are asked to act on the election of town officers and take action on the questions of the official ballot. The polls are open from 12 noon until 8 pm.