Vacation is over and crunch time is here. It’s time to buckle down and get all of those odds and ends done before full-on summer season is here. The dock projects in Menemsha are in full swing: AGM is in the process of constructing the Coast Guard dock. The 47-footer will return to its usual spot and free up the commercial space for the draggers that will soon reappear in the harbor with their floating community of friends and neighbors. C White Marine continues their work on the West Dock and in no time the first car will make its way out that concrete runway.

Seth Karlinsky has tackled the new ramps at the Menemsha bathhouse. And after a few additional minor repairs and some freshening up we will say goodbye to the port-a-potty and hello to flush toilets and hot running water. Thanks to the folks at Araujo, my new friend Keith in particular, for taking such good care of the green box with the floppy white door that really hated a north wind.

It was an easy trip from Boston to San Juan for Gabe, Mary, and Perry Ambulos The three boarded a direct flight right to warmth, beautiful beaches, wonderful people, and great food. They could dig up sand dollars by the bucketfull just by using their toes. They went to El Yunque, a beautiful nationally protected rainforest, where they swam in a waterfall. They visited the two forts of San Juan, which provided them with great history lessons. The town of Old San Juan has beautifully painted houses where they could hear live classical guitar playing in the streets. The food was delicious — Puerto Rican, Cuban, American — anything you could want. The local people really made them feel welcome, informed, and happy.

Jakie and Noah Glasgow ventured off-Island to visit their grandparents in Swampscott. They returned home to meet their first calf of the season born at 5:30 pm on April 18. Sweet little “Number 19” was born to Helen, the cow that won best in show at last year’s Ag Fair. Congratulations to farmer Molly and her beau, Eric.

Sue and Brigida Larsen are in full swing training mode for the Avon Walk Boston. In just three weeks, May 14-15, the lovely mother-daughter team will take on Boston in slightly different capacities but together, as a team, nonetheless. Anyone still interested in supporting Brigida and/or Sue in their quest to help find a cure for breast cancer still has time to do so. During school vacation week, they went to a Youth Crew event in Boston. They participated in a community service at a nonprofit organization called Community Servings. This organization prepares and delivers nutritious meals to invalids and the elderly who are housebound. Many of these people would not have anything to eat if this organization did not assist. The Youth Crew and parents bagged over 750 meals ready for delivery, as well as some packaging of prepared food. Brigida helped write the lyrics to the official song of Boston Avon Youth Crew. The crew will perform the song Saturday night during the walk weekend. Mom and daughter are feeling pretty good about what they are taking part in, so spread the word and consider sponsoring them.

One more note from Sue rolled in. The paper crane project is rapidly approaching the 1,000-mark goal. This has been a powerful experience for all those who have participated. The magic of the cranes has presented itself in subtle ways since the project began. It has brought students and friends together to learn, listen, and give freely without expecting anything in return. It has taught the students at the Chilmark School, and I hope others, about compassion.

Don’t forget this Saturday the Women’s Symposium XXVII entitled Beginnings takes place at the Community Center from 9 am to 12 noon. For further information, contact Bonnie George at 508-645-3214.

The Chilmark Coffee Company is on Facebook. Todd Christy, the coffee guy, has created a remarkable blend of, and I quote, “two beans, roasted together to create a complex and poetic taste; deep and rich espresso.” Known as Big Ring Espresso, the blend of Ethiopian and Sumatran coffee has been available this week in limited quantities. Stop by the Beetlebung Farm stand on Middle Road just across from the town hall parking lot to get some beans.

The big news from the Chilmark Library is about poet John Maloney. He will hold a Poetry Workshop starting on Wednesday, May 4, at 5:30 pm. This four-part series will continue on May 11, June 1, and June 8. You may attend one or you may attend all. John’s free workshop will touch on many creative writing ideas that will lead you to get creative in ways you didn’t know you could.