Two momentous items in one photograph

David Welch

A rare photo opportunity, perhaps even more special than the ones of Vineyarders hugging or kissing the Stanley Cup, arose at the end of the Cup’s public display session at Edgartown School on Saturday.

Mike Bolt, the official keeper of the Cup, carried the trophy out to Frank Malowski’s September 11 memorial motorcycle, and the official photographer of the weekend, David Welch, documented the moment.

The photograph of this special motorcycle and the Stanley Cup will be shown at Ground Zero in September during the 10-year anniversary memorial.

Mr. Malowski is a retired deputy fire chief from upstate New York who now lives in Vineyard Haven. Over the years, he has painted his bike with different quotes and images to commemorate fallen firefighters.

Watch the video to see Mr. Malowski’s bike and to hear the explanations for each part.