What is a trend? Vineyard artists explain

Rick Willoughby — File photo by CK Wolfson

Rick Willoughby, Willoughby Gallery, Edgartown: “A trend in anything is the direction something moves in, and that applies no matter what the subject.”

Don McKillop, Dragonfly Gallery, Oak Bluffs: “A trend to Susan and me is a change in the attitude of the market — a shift in what our clients are looking for. But a trend happens on a long-term basis, develops slowly and gaining appreciation.”

Rose Abrahamson, artist: “A trend is the way things move. Very often in art there are trends that catch on and a new movement develops.”

Allen Whiting, Davis House Gallery, West Tisbury: “A trend is one generation mining the ideas of those two generations ago in the hopes of coming up with something new.”

Joan Merry, Gossamer Gallery, Chilmark: “A trend is sort of a sophisticated fad.”

Nancy Cramer, Shaw Cramer Gallery, Vineyard Haven: “A trend is an idea, attitude, style that has caught the public’s imagination. It’s media driven — arbitrary without regard for any one artist.”