All Americans should want further 9/11 investigation


The good news is that the 9/11 controversy is alive and well here on Martha’s Vineyard. That’s good because in order to fix a problem you have to be willing to accept that there is a problem. You have to be willing to address it, talk about it. The bad news is that there are still too many people in the dark, kept there, who don’t realize what the real 9/11 controversy is about.

The real 9/11 controversy is about evidence, hard, cold evidence of controlled demolitions which has not officially been considered and for which reason simply will not go away.

It’s about evidence that the 9/11 Commission admitted it never considered because, we are told, it didn’t “match” the story line (foregone conclusion) handed down by the CIA from tortured, (waterboarded), detainees. That’s unacceptable.

Torture is unacceptable, not only because it is inhumane, but because it produces unreliable information. Think of yourself, what you might confess to or what former Vice President Dick Cheney himself might confess to, if tortured. If you think you could hold out with only the truth, imagine if a little more current were applied, or if you had to hold your breath just a little bit longer, and longer.

As a skeptic, a doubter, a contrarian, someone who prides himself in being independent, challenging conventional wisdom, thinking outside the box, I’ll be the first to admit that there are certain common traits, characteristics, idiosyncrasies, which could group me with other people — conspiracy theorists if you will — who challenge the official story line. But don’t other commonalities describe and place boxes around all sorts of groups, people of faith, people who would never doubt their own government, loyalists, “my country right or wrong.” “Our CIA would never lie to us.”

Let’s be fair. I would say it’s pertinent to question the purpose and motivation of those who would question their own government, but certainly not without also questioning the purpose and motivation of those who find a need to have blind faith in God, to follow and believe and trust in their government.

This is why they have jury selection is it not? People are different and the same in so many ways. It’s what makes us American. It’s also what helps explain the reason for a real investigation to carefully follow proper methodology in its search for the truth.

It must look at all the evidence, wherever it might lead, however painful or inconvenient or shameful or criminal, as to how and why a crime happened in order to determine who did it and why, regardless of the reaction it might bring to some in the jury.

A particular group of Americans, loyalists, should not be allowed to prevent certain evidence, controlled demolitions, from reaching the jury. With coerced confessions we must be especially scrutinizing and attentive. Our very freedom is at stake.

The 9/11 controversy should not be about what kind of people we are. The kind of people we are is a kind that agrees to disagree, except in principle where we do agree, in principles of fairness and justice and established investigative methods of searching out the truth.

The real 9/11 controversy is about evidence which was never considered in what should have been a most thorough investigation. The people have every right to demand a proper investigation and not be distracted by ad hominem arguments of personality traits. The question needing answers is about dismissed evidence of controlled demolitions, not the type of person who is asking it or the type of person who would be afraid to ask it.

Nick van Nes

West Tisbury