President Obama, First Lady and daughters dine at Nancy’s

President Obama walked quickly into Nancy's from the motorcade. — Photo by Yoojin Cho

Sunday evening, after spending the day at the beach and at Vineyard Golf Club, President Obama went out for dinner in Oak Bluffs with his family.

Oak Bluffs police and the secret service began blocking off Lake Ave. well before the President’s arrival, and more than a hundred people gathered in front of Wesley Hotel and Big Dipper Ice Cream to catch a glimpse of the First Family.

After about 35 minutes of waiting, the motorcade finally arrived, but for some in front of the ice cream shop, the view was partially blocked by a state police car. Even then, many of them said the wait was definitely worth it.

President Obama spent only a few minutes waving to the crowd before disappearing into the restaurant.

President and the First Lady left Nancy’s at 8:24 pm and went on a quick one-minute ride to a house in Oak Bluffs. They met up with Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett for dinner with friends.

At 9 pm, he held a conference call with key national security advisers, and shortly after, the White House released a statement saying “The Qadhafi regime is near collapsing.”