Mopeds, cyclists and pedestrians make an obstacle course for cars

— Photo by Yoojin Cho

“You just get used it,” Steamship Authority employee Cory Shapiro said in reference to the seemingly endless traffic back up on Seaview Avenue in Oak Bluffs.

Mr. Shapiro works the reservation line at SSA, and his responsibilities include directing the cars to the correct waiting lane, letting them into the staging area and managing the traffic when the ferry unloads. “It seems like all the cars do is get here and never leave,” he said. “During boat, everything is gridlocked.”

Similarly, for Kevin Murray, A Big Cab Co. taxi driver, the traffic on the Vineyard affects his job.

He said when the ferries are diverted to Vineyard Haven from Oak Bluffs due to inclement weather, his trip between the two towns can take as long as an hour.

Especially when the President of the United States makes a 10-day visit, the situations on the road can become even more unpredictable.

“Certain area gets blocked off, and roads are just closed, but you figure out how to avoid it,” Mr. Murray said.

Both Mr. Shapiro and Mr. Murrary understand that’s just how it is in August. Mr. Shapiro said, “Now, I leave 30 minutes before my work shift starts. Sometimes I get here 20 minutes early because there’s no traffic, but sometimes I barely make it.”

Visitors also have no choice but to accept the situation, and some even choose to walk or bike to their next sightseeing destination.