The big news this week, as we all know, was Irene’s visit. She rolled through and packed a punch, but not a wallop. I think the biggest news I heard in town was that the Couches’ boat, Ivy, broke loose from its mooring in Quitsa and settled in on the beach at Ryerson’s. It looked relatively unscathed and I hope that is truly the case.

My kids and I had a big adventure shortly after the power went out. We set off to Grey Barn with my mom, Diana Lees, to help Molly and Eric Glasgow milk their dairy cows. The power had just gone out as the girls were entering the milking parlor. We put our aprons on and had a quick lesson. We hoped to be highly efficient but after 45 minutes of milking, the girls in the parlor were still producing. The need didn’t last long because the power cycled back on long enough to move the girls through. Molly and Eric circled through Menemsha later in the day to check on us at the Texaco.

It makes me appreciate our community and to know that helping hands are reciprocal whether you ask for them or not. I have lost track of the number of friends that stopped in to make sure we were all set, but I hope I thanked each and every one of you for your care and concern. Irene was certainly a good exercise in preparedness, patience, generosity, and neighborly behavior. I hope you all fared well.

Thank you, again, to Phyllis Conway for the updated news on the Boston String Quartet concert. Due to Irene’s visit, their concert at the Chilmark Church is rescheduled for Sunday October 2 at 4 pm.

Birds have and will probably always capture Wendy Weldon’s attention. As she says, birds give her a chance to show emotion through color. Wendy has the opportunity to share her work with us at the Shaw Cramer Gallery from now through September 5 and again at Featherstone Center for the Arts Artist’s Tour on September 10 from 10 am to 4 pm. The tour of the studios of 15 artists will not only include Wendy’s but also the studio of Stephanie Danforth, who also has a studio nestled in Chilmark.

Michael Flynn of the Bite reflects on the summer by sharing that Menemsha is an Island gem and he gives thanks to those he is surrounded by on a daily basis. I must agree, Michael, I too feel a sense of pride. I shout out a big thank-you for ensuring my eight-year-old has enough mozzarella sticks to tide him over until next summer. Big thanks to the Fenners at the Galley for always having chicken grillas when my teen is hungry for what we refer to as real food.

Katy Smith has returned from a week at Tim Thomas Hockey Camp. Boston Bruins NHL All Star Tim Thomas organized eight weeks of youth hockey camps in New England. Katy ventured off and spent a week of her life being dedicated to the game and passionate about excelling and pushing herself to the limits of learning. She came back sore and bruised but we are all proud of her for her perseverance.

Young Scarlet Flanders has been cruising around Menemsha by boat, car, and stroller with her proud grandparents Sherry and Carl Flanders. The adorable wide-eyed beauty made the trip from Maryland with her parents Carl Jr. and Becca in tow. Scarlet slipped her arms into her first life jacket on Squid Row with the help of Sherry. just prior to her first boating adventure in Menemsha.

Lucas, Tricia, and Tracy Murphy visited Lynn and Susan a short while ago. The big four came in June for not so little Tracy. Exciting news arrives from their home in Easton: Tracy just started riding his bike with no training wheels.

According to my dedicated sports commentator, Bill Edison, Flanders Field withstood the wrath of Irene. Sunday, September 4 is the last double-header of the season followed by the traditional barbecue. Hot dogs with all the fixings and an award ceremony to declare who will win the Howie Hustle Award and the Rookie of the Year are certainly enough to entice you out of the house at 8:30 am. Other field news: Flanders Field has a 5- by 9-foot flag flying deep in center field atop a pole erected by Bill Shanok. This decorative target ensures an automatic home run if you manage to get your ball to make contact with it.