Kudos to the VTA


To the Editor:

I would like to thank you for this opportunity to voice my opinions of the Vineyard Transit Authority (VTA).

Having stayed for the month of August and part of September on our boat in Vineyard Haven and used the VTA daily to and from Oak Bluffs, as well as for additional side trips, we became well acquainted with the service. Let me first say that we have seldom witnessed such a well run organization. Much is to be said about it from the top down and the bottom up. The effort that has gone into making this system work so well is readily apparent.

We found that the equipment was always clean and well maintained and the bus drivers well groomed and very pleasant. They provided a wealth of information to the riders, helping them move around the Island, answering countless questions (sometimes the same over and over again) and yet keeping the buses on schedule.

We were amazed at the cheerful, friendly attitude that these drivers displayed, no matter the attitude of the passengers or state of the traffic. Every driver drove carefully, and we never saw one of them mistreat the equipment or drive aggressively.

We don’t want to overlook the ticket sellers, who were a steady source of information and help in connecting people to the right bus. All the employees we encountered obviously had pride in the service they provided. Rarely does one have the chance to observe such a fine group of people, each one a credit to the VTA. The human resources department has done an outstanding job of recruiting both year-round and seasonal employees. The VTA can be very proud of the way that these people represent the organization.

Kudos to the VTA. See you next year.

Ladd and Denise Caine

s/v Blue