Making rosettes for your homemade cake… It’s a piece of cake!

Eniko DeLisle has been teaching cake-decorating classes for many years, and she currently teaches at the Charter School. — Photo by Yoojin Cho

You could custom order a beautiful cake from a bakery, or you could make your own and make it even more special. And last Thursday night, Nov. 3, at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, Eniko DeLisle demonstrated just how easy and simple it is to decorate your own.

This Art of Cake Decorating class offered by ACE MV and Featherstone Center for the Arts attracted about 15 women interested in making the perfect homemade cake.

From rosettes used as bases for candles or cherries to a basketweave pattern that could line the sides of the cake, Ms. DeLisle taught the basics of cake decoration, and each participant went home with their unique designs.

Watch the video on to learn the secrets of masking the cake without getting crumbs and creating roses and leaves that will give your cake a professional look.