Thanksgiving time at Morning Glory Farm

Inside the farm stand. — Photo by Yoojin Cho

Until Thanksgiving day, two kitchens at Morning Glory Farm need all hands on deck to prepare traditional Thanksgiving dishes for customers.

Making Thanksgiving easy and less stressful for those in charge of planning the feast, the farm offers popular go-to Thanksgiving items, such as roasted vegetables, pumpkin soup and various kinds of pies.

Using fresh ingredients straight from the field, Chef Judy Klumick and her staff cook up side dishes while Bakery Manager Jody Drake bake hundreds of pies and other pastry items.

“It’s actually an easy time on the farm,” Operations Manager Simon Athearn said. “The harvest is in. All the iconic fruits and vegetables are all available.”

Owner Jim Athearn said they also sell local turkeys. This year, they are offering pasture-raised turkeys from the Farm Institute and traditional white-meat turkeys from Duxbury.

“It’s a farmers’ holiday. Bills are paid, and on Thanksgiving day, we don’t have to worry about whether it’s going to rain or not. We can just enjoy the meal,” Jim Athearn said.

Watch the video for an interview with Simon and Jim Athearn and Judy Klumick.

For more information on their holiday offerings, visit their website. This year, Morning Glory will stay open past Christmas, until New Years.