Thanksgiving has certainly evolved over the years. From giving thanks after a bountiful harvest to a day when family gathers together and nearly anything can happen. A freshly shot turkey, one that’s been farm raised, or store-bought deli-style slices may be in the mix. Cranberries — canned and jellied or picked fresh and lightly sweetened — may appear on your table. Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn (on the cob or flash frozen warmed in the microwave), hot baked rolls or bread, or Pepperidge Farm straight off the grocer’s shelf and out of the plastic bag, what will it be? Apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie served with ice cream or whipped cream or simply straight up — it really doesn’t matter, because when it comes to dessert we know it’s all good.

You may take a walk in the woods or along the shoreline. You may get out and play football with the aunts, uncles, cousins, and neighbors or you might sit with your feet up in grandpa’s Lazy Boy recliner and watch a game on the 47-inch flat screen. Sports always seem to make their way into the day of giving thanks. I suppose giving thanks for guys like Tom Brady, Andre Carter, and Wes Welker makes sense. They often give you a reason to turn on the television.

The extended Kuh family will gather this week to celebrate with their traditions and revel in the fact that there are so many who chose to band together. Five Kuh siblings and their significant others and offspring include: Mary Kuh-Ambulos with husband, Perry, and son, Gabe; Anne Kuh with Peter and Cathryn Supko; Peter and Diana Kuh from England; Charlotte Kuh and Roy Radner from Pennsylvania; Audrey and Michael Straight from Maryland. They will all gather for the holiday with many other branches of the family, including Cathy Thompson, Sarah Kuh, Chas De Geofroy and their daughter Sophie, Liz Kuh, the Greenebaums, Barry Greenbaum and family, the Burts, the Miller family; four generations will feast at the table, share stories and memories, and welcome any other face that may decide to wander through the door. In addition the clan will wish both Perry and Cathryn very happy birthdays during the week.

Well look what the cat dragged in, I think, is another way of saying guess who I saw but haven’t seen in quite a while. Curious? Phil Smith. Yes, he made the journey back from Alaska where he and Mary Jo Joiner have built a log cabin surrounded by the beauty of the mountains and Browns Lake. He will be around for a month, wandering his way through the old stomping grounds and really enjoying catching up with friends. He wandered through the door at the Texaco just the other day, plopped down in one of our ancient orange chairs with a cup of coffee, and simply asked, “What’s new?” My answer was the kids are taller and the rest is just about the same. As they say, it’s just like old times.

Menemsha is fairly well buttoned up for the off season. The water was just turned off, the last of the trash cans were taken in, and the restroom is locked up tight until spring. But the Cafe still smells yummy. Stanley still is behind the counter at the Fish Market, and the Texaco will continue to be a good spot for some local banter. You will, of course, continue to find Everett at the Chandlery; so stop in and do some shopping. So rather than worrying about camping out on Wall Street, opt for the more sensible path and shop local. Saturday, November 26, is Small Business Saturday. From Chilmark Chocolates to Squid Row Ts, from Menemsha Pond scallops to a hot pulled pork sandwich, from raw milk to fall veggies, you can find something interesting right here in town.

Walter Wlodyka continues to heal after his accident out on the water a couple of weeks ago. Sadly, he lost a finger, but according to his son Lev and grandson Westley, he is a really good patient and is making strides each day. Well wishes go out Oisin McVey, who also had a finger incident. His little broken finger should be back to new in no time at all.

Beginning November 29, the Chilmark Church will host its community soup suppers. Along the lines of pizza nights, folks gather to enjoy a bowl of hot soup and perhaps a salad or hot bread that might make its way through the door with a generous visitor. All are welcome to stop in, savor something warm, and relax in the midst of pleasant company. 5:30 pm is the start time. Give Pam Goff a call if you have questions.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Save me a piece of pie — preferably apple.