Looking forward: Martha’s Vineyard brokers talk change and politics


Karen Overtoom, Karen M. Overtoom Real Estate:

It’s such a great time to get in the market – like turning the clocks back to 2000. In 2006, it was hard to find a starter home under $600,000. Now they’re in the $300s. It’s an unbelievable time to get a foot in the door. The market will appreciate at all levels, but now you get more bang for the buck. But world leaders need to get things settled and get moving in the right direction.

Sharon Smith Purdy, Sandpiper Realty, Inc.:

If things get disastrously worse in Europe it will set us back. If we make great strides in the stock market, we’ll surge forward. But it’s still a down market and sellers will likely be at a disadvantage for another year or two.

Fred Roven, Martha’s Vineyard Buyer Agents:

The future is hard to gauge. Many buyers are still on the sidelines, keeping a close eye on the economy locally, regionally, and around the world.

Art Smadbeck: Priestley Smadbeck & Mone Real Estate:

We always have variables in a Presidential election year that we don’t have in off-years. The economy is affected by what Washington does in the run-up to the election. I think that if the general political climate trends positive, that will be a strong signal that we’ve weathered the downturns and are ready to move on.

Neal Stiller, Cronig’s Real Estate:

The Presidential elections always have some effect but I don’t envision any significant changes for the first three-quarters of 2012. However, if the world economy tanks, we’re all in trouble.