What values? – A question for sports


To the Editor:

In today’s world, I believe that participation in sports by young people is very important. It instills values such as fair play, cooperation, teamwork, and a work ethic. When these young people leave the athletic program and a school environment and go out into the world, parents, educators and coaches should have given them a sound basis in these values. The question is, are we doing that?

Children do not need to be drill instructed in order to do what is expected of them. They should be doing what is expected of them because they want approval, a feeling of accomplishment, and our pride in them. Scaring or intimidating a young person into doing something only teaches them that out in the real world, scare tactics and intimidation will get them what they want. Is this what we want them to take away from our athletics program? Is this what we want MVRHS to be remembered for by our former athletes? I think not.

Maria McCarthy

Woods Hole