Primaries approach


To the Editor:

Perhaps you’ve all heard that the presidential primaries are taking place in your towns. Don’t forget to get over to the polling booth and exercise your right to vote.

In Massachusetts, it may seem that there is only one party. In other states, that seems true as well, but for a different party. Did you know that more than half of all Vineyard voters are registered as independent/unenrolled? For those of you who have a sense of humor, Republicans are the ones you see driving brown Oldsmobiles around from the 1980s (the car is paid for and runs fine), and the Democrats are the “nice” people who drive around in cool VWs from the 1960s (they may have the newest version of the Bug in their garage, too) — they have a penchant for artistic things of value. I’m in the middle – a Chevy pick-up (paid for, American-built), and a Honda Accord with a few payments left (built in Japan).

Well, whatever you drive, please think about voting for Judy Crocker (if you’re voting GOP) for state committee woman. She’s an excellent communicator, gregarious, gets results, and I think that she still has her VW microbus from the 1970s.

Jim Powell

Oak Bluffs