Approve Edgartown Library plan


To the Editor:

This letter is written in support of the new plan for the Edgartown Library, both financially and philosophically. We will not be able to attend the town meeting in April regarding discussion and vote on plans for the new library. According to Massachusetts law, you have to be physically present at town meetings and cannot obtain an absentee ballot to vote on issues, especially those involving expenditure of public funds for specific projects. Therefore, given no other choice, I am requesting that this letter be included in the minutes of the meeting.

I have met with the vice-chairman of the building project and reviewed the plans and process for approval of the new library. I have spent my entire career in public service and was directly involved in more than eight new or renovation of public projects involving millions of dollars. I am aware of the process involved to obtain not only approval of projects but also what is involved in approving the financial components and the implications for the taxpayer.

When we first permanently moved to the Vineyard, the ongoing saga of the disastrous effects of the original library renovation plans, including the purchase of a building that could not be renovated, were a topic of discussion for years. The plan that is being submitted now, in my opinion, has methodically and professionally been developed to avoid potential issues regarding the capability of the project to be built, has responded to the needs of the community, has identified the financial requirements, and has maintained the historical integrity of the old library.

I believe the chairman, vice-chairman and the committee have developed a very viable plan and, if approved, I believe this plan will have a lasting and beneficial impact for the town of Edgartown. Therefore, we reiterate our support for approval of the plans for the new library.

Sara Wenner

Rolfe Wenner