Trust that beer/wine sales will be carefully managed


To the Editor:

I want to express why Ben and I have decided to support the beer and wine proposal coming up for vote on the ballot April 12.

First, we’ve followed Mary and Jackson Kenworth at Sweet Life Café and Slice of Life in Oak Bluffs (where they had liquor licenses) and then at State Road in West Tisbury (where they do not). They have created beautiful spaces, superb food, and a wonderful, welcoming, community atmosphere in each of their restaurants. When they have had liquor licenses, they did not allow guests to abuse alcohol, become too noisy or rude, or disturb others. Their staff was well-trained, polite, caring, and careful in their management of those who were drinking.

Second, I have observed that at State Road, where people bring their own liquor, it is more difficult for their staff to manage heavy drinkers. People seem to feel that since it’s their own liquor, they have no right to be cut off, and that can create a challenging situation. Further, sometimes guests continue drinking their BYOB in the parking lot.

Third, we’ve come to know and trust Mary and Jackson — both personally and as restaurant owners and managers. We believe we can count on them to manage drinkers wisely, to be sure that drivers can get home safely. We believe they will provide an excellent wine list with a range of prices affordable by many different sectors of our Island community. We look forward to enjoying many happy evenings at State Road, and we hope that the town of West Tisbury will approve the requested change to our by-laws.

Paddy and Ben Moore

West Tisbury