Kayaker overmatched by current and seas rescued off Oak Bluffs


A cell phone call from kayaker Alan Hartmann, on route Tuesday, June 12, from Falmouth to Martha’s Vineyard, alerted a host of Oak Bluffs fire, police, and emergency management personnel, plus Coast Guard and state environmental police rescuers, who found and assisted the West Tisbury man. Strong current and rough seas prevented Mr. Hartmann from paddling his craft to shore, according to the account he gave Oak Bluffs Officer Jeffrey LaBell. He phoned for help at about 6 pm.

Rescuers needed about 30 minutes to locate Mr. Hartmann about two miles north of the entrance to Oak Bluffs Harbor. He was unhurt and declined medical treatment.

Mr. Hartmann was “thankful for our response,” Officer LaBell said.