Edgartown Column


One week until school starts! Can you believe it? I can almost smell the pencil shavings and sweet new pink erasers. Get ready for traffic to be dictated by yellow buses rather than motor scooters, and watch out for those colorful new backpacks and lunch boxes swinging from shoulders and tiny hands. Hope you had a restful summer, teachers, ’cause those little minds are ripe for molding.

I have to thank my friend Vinny Paciello for one of my best birthday gifts. When I asked Vinny for a bite of his candy necklace on my B-Day, not only did he generously share it with me, but he also insisted upon escorting his dad back to the candy store so they could present me with my very own tasty neckwear. Not only did it taste delightful, it also really did complete my outfit. So thank you for your thoughtfulness, Vins.

I was in Boston this past weekend for a friend’s birthday and got a chance to catch up with Alex Avakian and Emily Norberg, who are now living in Waltham. Emily has a new job in Providence that she loves, and Alex is still plugging away in the fish industry.

My condolences go out to Kevin Ward, who finally had to get rid of his big green truck. I remember watching that truck drive back and forth on Norton Point Beach as Kevin and/or Lizzy attempted to lull the tiny Wards into nap mode. That rig certainly served them well. We will miss her.

Speaking of notable vehicular transports, have you seen Richard Prieto out on his tricycle? Back and forth each day from Katama to Upper Main on his three-wheeled rig, he is truly a sight to behold. That is one sweet ride.

Wednesdays are “Glensdays” over on Chase Road, when Glen and Kevin Searle play host to all their buddies on the porch with grilling and beer and good times. So if you happen past and see the guys out there, give them a honk.

Derby season is almost here. The 67th Annual Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby kicks off September 9, and buttons are already on sale at local tackle shops. This year, registrants will have the option of making a special $10 donation directly to the Scholarship Fund. All who opt to make this additional contribution will be entered to win a limited edition signed Ray Ellis framed print. Pretty cool. See you at weigh-in.

In a terrible oversight, I forgot to mention my August 23 birthday buddy, Channing Hagerty, in last week’s column. Hope you had a lovely day, friend.

Additional belated birthday wishes go out to Randy Walpole, who celebrated August 28. Hope your day was filled with friends and fun.

Morgan Lucero celebrates her day August 31, and I am sure she will have something fun planned. And finally, happy birthday to Michael Poirier, who celebrates September 3. Hope you are able to get out on your boat and catch the big one.