Jeff Lynch with the bluefin tuna he caught that weighed 625 pounds, dressed. — Photo by Katie Carroll

It’s the last few days of the Derby. The jetty is winding down. Fewer boats are heading out the channel in hopes of the big one. Best of luck to all of you hoping for a key. Your dedication to this event has earned it. Thanks to the Derby committee and all the volunteers who have donated countless hours to making the 67th annual event a memorable one.

Last week Jeff Lynch headed out of the harbor on Meagan and Haley in search of giant bluefin tuna. A fish that dressed out at 625 pounds is what he returned with. It made a pit stop in Menemsha on its way to a Japanese market. It was pretty amazing to see a fish so big that it took up nearly the entire boat cockpit. Grandpa Mike must have been so proud.

On Wednesday Tim Walsh aboard his newly finished Helen L returned from offshore with a 118-inch bluefin that weighed 800 pounds. Finally, he hit the mark on what he has been working so diligently to accomplish. As they would say along the dock, “Yah boy!”

My condolences to the family of Preston Harris. He was a regular fixture around town and a very kind man. He was always good for a little friendly conversation while he filled up cans for his mower or a tank of gas in his car. His friendly conversation will be missed.

Saturday, Oct. 13, is the annual Justin Lord Coleman Hike-a-thon. Attendees will gather at the Colemans’ house at 150 South . Speakers from the Big Brothers & Big Sisters program the New England Organ Bank will be in attendance. Apple cider and ginger cookies will be served. 12 noon marks the time for the group photo and the beginning of the three-mile roundtrip journey to Hancock Beach. For more information, contact Evelyn Kreyling at 508 645 2261.

Happy belated to Thea Keene who was, oh my already, 11. October 8 was her special day. That was also the day that both Marshall’s and my maternal grandmothers would have been 97. Carol Crocker and Jean Lees shared the very same birthday.

The Chilmark School 4/5 had a full day of adventure at the Museum of Science yesterday. Off on the 7 am boat made for an earlier rise than usual but the experience at the Omni Theater was well worth it.

My dad, Frank Tamoshunas, was here for five days. He managed to squeeze in attending a wedding, scalloping with Marshall and Brooks, leatherback turtle sighting off the Brickyard, catching a bass and a bluefish (both too small to weigh in, but so be it), a home-cooked meal and fried clams from the Net Result. All in all I must say he had a good visit.