Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club results


It was a week of “nip ‘n tuck” ties for the Island duplicate bridge players.

On Thursday, Nov. 15, at the Island Bridge Club (IBC) game, 16 players were on hand. Anita Persson and Foster Greene took first place with a 61.31 percent average game. In second place Bea Phear and Cecily Greenaway scored a 58.93 percent average game. And for third place the teams of Barbara Silk/Nancy Neil and Barbara Besse/Gerry Averill scored 56.55 percent average games.

There is no IBC game Thanksgiving evening. Play resumes on Thursday, Nov. 28.

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, at the Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club (MVBC), Barbara Besse and Nancy Neil took first place with a 63.10 percent average game. In second place was the Cecily Greenaway/Bill Blakesley team with a 55.95 percent average game. And tied for third were the teams of Michel Riel/David Donald and Robert Fokos and Bob Iadicicco with 54.76 percent average games. Four tables were in play.

Tip of the week

For many years, bridge players used the Blackwood method (a bid of 4NT) to ask partner how many aces partner holds when the partnership is considering bidding a slam. There are now several modern variations on this ace-asking system. Life Master Mollie Whalen, explains the Roman Key Card system.

“In this variation, the king of the agreed-upon trump suit is included in the responses to 4 NT so now there are five key cards — 4 aces plus the trump king — to respond about. Responder bids the lowest ranking suit in which a king is held. However, responder should never go beyond the agreed-upon trump suit to show a king.

“For instance, if the agreed-upon trump suit is Hearts, responder may show the king of clubs (by bidding 6 Clubs) or the king of Diamonds (6 Diamonds) but should not show the king of spades by bidding beyond 6 Hearts. With no kings to show, responder bids the trump suit.”

The MVBC game (ACBL sanctioned) is held on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 pm at the Stone Church in Vineyard Haven. Admission is $4. Contact Sue at 508-693-9396 or for assistance in finding an available partner.

The IBC game (also ACBL sanctioned) is held Thursday evenings at 7 pm at the Up Island Council on Aging Howes House in West Tisbury. Players needing a partner are urged to contact Gerry at 508-693-2889 or by noon on Wednesday for assistance. Admission is $5.

The Edgartown Bridge Club (EBC) meets on Monday afternoons at 1P.M. at the Edgartown Yacht Club. Questions? Contact Ms. Farrish at 508-627-5476. Come with a partner. Admission is $6.