Oak Bluffs


Thanksgiving weekend went by so quickly. Hope it was wonderful for everyone. Now family members, visitors and of course students have gone back to the mainland to their homes or schools. The weather couldn’t have been nicer, just what you would expect for Thanksgiving. Now we are headed forward to Christmas and will continue to be bombarded by those idiotic ads and their more unpleasant music that accompanies them as they try to persuade us to purchase another useless item. I think it is a close contest between the political ads and the merchandising ads as to which is the more tiring.

But let’s enjoy the beautiful side of this season. Take a ride by the Nelson Amaral Fire Station and enjoy the sparkling lights there or Ocean Park which has become a field of gently lighted trees and of course Sunset Lake where the impossible seems to have been accomplished when you observe that gently rocking Christmas tree sending forth its light while floating serenely in the middle of the Lake. And if possible, the Gatchell Christmas display on County Road gets more fantastic each year. Along with these decorations we are so fortunate that so many individuals and organizations have donated time and money to help out those who need some assistance at this time. Thank you to all who find time to do this.

I want to remind you that the “Mother Goose on the Loose” story time will be coming to the Oak Bluffs Library on the following Thursdays at 10:30 am: December 6 and 20 and January 3.

Our very own “Nutcracker Gala” provides an excellent opportunity for young and old alike to experience the world of ballet and live theater right here on Martha’s Vineyard. This year’s performances of the “Nutcracker Gala” will be held at the Martha’s Vineyard High School Performing Arts Center on Saturday, Dec. 1, at 7 pm and Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012 at 2 pm. The “Nutcracker Gala” features the Atlantic Coast Ballet (formerly Cape Cod Ballet) with a cast of 14 professional dancers under the Artistic Direction of Tanya Vincent. Also performing are the children from the Martha’s Vineyard School of Ballet under the Artistic Direction of Ms. Beth Vages, bringing a total cast of 75 dancers to the stage. Oak Bluffs Dancers in production are Ava McGee, Sue Dunbar, Sofia Alexander, Maria Andrade, Tarhil Mathew, Narla Pitman, Madison Pitman, Madeline Clatworth, Delilah Butler, Archer Butler, Nicole Haley, and Anna Marie D’Addarie.

Winter Hours for Clothes-To-Go at the Stone Church in Vineyard Haven are: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 2 to 4 pm and Saturday 9 to 11 am.

We send birthday smiles to John Alley on December 3 Brittney Jardin, Bill Anderson Sr. and Kate Collins on the 4thm and James Hakenson on the 6th. Happy Birthday to those I might have missed and get well wishes to those who need a healing smile.Enjoy your week.Peace.