It was one-stop shopping, so to speak, at the Registry of Motor Vehicles last week. Yes folks, keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel and give a thumbs up to Mariah and Jessica Campbell. Yes folks, they went together for moral support (and likely convenience) and both walked out with their junior operator’s licenses. It seems like just yesterday they were putting on music shows and dance performances in my living room. It’s is difficult to think they have aged enough to be behind the wheel. Congratulations, lovely ladies.

I would like to shout out a quick thank you to Bob Conway for the lovely flower he dropped of at the Texaco for me. It was an unexpected treat to find. As much as I wanted to bring it home and keep it for myself, I opted to leave it adorning the top of the little green desk and share with the few folks that are still around this vacation week. The lovely purple flower has not only been a topic of pleasant conversation but it has also been the subject of both Instagram and Facebook photos. I graciously say thank you, Bob, not only for myself but for those you unknowingly shared a bright moment with.

This past Tuesday was the last of the winter Soup Suppers at the Chilmark Church. There will be a short break in the Tuesday night dinners but, have no fear, Pizza Night will take the spotlight beginning on Tuesday, March 12, at 6 pm. All are welcome to stop in, have a slice, socialize and, as always, play a round of Bananagrams. If you haven’t been before and are not familiar with the Scrabble-like game, you should know the basics so you don’t end up a “rotten banana” — no abbreviations, no proper nouns, words you can find in a legitimate dictionary only. Piqued your curiosity? Stop by.

Additional news from the Church must mean that the new minister and his family have truly settled in. Pastor Seongmoon Ahn is ready to share his Saturday mornings, guitar in hand, with anyone interested in lessons. The 10 am group lessons at the Chilmark Church Fellowship Hall (aka the room out back) are open to anyone with a guitar and a passion for music. No registration is required and, so I am told, you can just show up. But why not email him ahead of time with any questions and maybe a shout out if you are planning to attend, Rumor has it bass guitar and drum lessons are a possibility, too.

A few quick birthday shouts to Patrick Ruel, Todd Christy, Chris Jones, Polly McDowell, Hershel West, and anyone else I might have missed. An extra special birthday wish goes to Peggy Freydberg who celebrates on March 6. I hope Peggy won’t mind that I share she will be 105.

School vacation. It’s a sparsely populated week here in town. I drove from the West Tisbury town line to Menemsha without passing a single car on Sunday at 3 pm. On my return trip I passed only the bus. Next week our friends and neighbors will be back from near and far, hot and cold, exotic and educational places. Hawaii, Mexico, Colorado, Europe, Florida, cruises, Disney and more. Yes, Disney is in Florida but, really, we all know it’s like a world of it’s own.