Ten inches of powdery snow like flour on a bakers table blanketed the town of Chilmark one week ago. I shoveled, dusted off, and scraped the walkway and my car. We ventured to a school yard enveloped in fun glistening in the bright morning sun. Snow pants were packed. Boots were worn. Castles and forts were created by children in happy unison. Such a great medium to work with, especially after being chained to a desk and enduring MCAS testing. It didn’t last long and despite my disbelief when I opened my eyes last Friday morning it was actually enjoyed — at least by the young set.

Thanks to Planning Board chair, Janet Weidner for sharing the following: The Planning Board will be holding two public forums to explain and answer questions about two proposed bylaws, both of which will be on the warrant for the annual town meeting in April. The forums are Wednesday, March 27, and Thursday, April 11, both at 5 pm. The residential zoning bylaw proposes to limit the amount of living area on a lot in Chilmark based on the size of the lot, while the other bylaw provides two definitions, one for detached bedroom and one for total living area. Town meeting is coming up in just about a month, so get educated prior to your vote.

Susan Sigel Goldsmith and her Chilmark School third grader Katie opened up their home to celebrate a traditional Passover Seder. Susan and Katie were joined by friends — some Jewish, some not — and graciously explained any question that arose in a most welcoming and engaging manner. Feiners, Carrolls, Bacons, and Leports were in the mix. The table was set. The food was plenty. The company was perfect. Susan’s focus was clearly on making everyone feel welcome, included, and sensory friendly. It is quite clearly understood by all why Passover is Susan’s favorite holiday of the year.

Tyler, Charlie, and Sarah Shipway are back from a trip to the warm and sunny Keys. Sarah’s parents, Ted and Judy Mayhew, greeted them with open arms. It was a much-needed break from the winter doldrums for sure. Their trip to the Dolphin Research Center was certainly a highlight for Ty. Who wouldn’t like to shake hands with a dolphin? The Shipways have returned and are passing the time (when not at work or school) watching Rebecca (Mayhew) and Mike Hewitt’s golden retriever puppies grow. And, wow, they grow fast. Seven adorable little pups are getting their own personalities but, just in case there is confusion, they are differentiated by a rainbow of collars. What a good idea to keep them straight.

Freya and Hailey Mayhew are one. Yes, the lovely little gals who call Michelle and Jeremy Mayhew mom and dad have completed a full year of life. Grandparents Lois and Greg helped dote on the girls as they enjoyed a house full of cousins, aunts, uncles and delectable cupcakes. The cupcakes, of course, each had a candle to blow out with wishes ready to follow.

Happiest of birthdays to adorable Fiona Brown’s mom, Aretha Witham Brown. Aretha has wandered in and out of the Texaco doors for three decades. Each time she wanders she always has something witty and insightful to share. She certainly has a way about her that makes people laugh and feel welcomed. May that quality stick with you for decades to come.

Next Wednesday, April 3, at 5 pm library lovers should stop by for a session on “Getting to know CLAMS” with Lisa Sherman. If you cannot make it, feel free to stop in during library hours and ask anyone at the desk for a little once over. All the members of the Library staff are eager to help and ready to patiently walk you through any questions you might have.

The Chilmark School community is getting hyped up again for the big PTO fundraiser. If you recall, it was supposed to take place back in February, but a blizzard got in the way. So, April 6 is the date; 7 to 11:30 pm is the time. The CCC is the place. Who could possibly pass up Johnny Hoy & the Bluefish, a room full of great auction items, a dessert bar and so much more. It’s all practically in your own back yard. Simply said, I hope to see you there. Dancin’ shoes they are calling.