Medical Intuitive Healer will speak Friday about her practice


On Friday, Joyce Salvo will host a free introduction to her Avana Method, a holistic healing technique, at the Martha’s Vineyard Yoga Center in Oak Bluffs. Ms. Salvo describes herself as a medical intuitive healer.

Ms. Salvo said she is able to communicate with a person’s body at a very deep subconscious level. “I can locate within a minute or two issues that people have carried with them for a lifetime,” she said in a recent phone interview. “They don’t forget the issue, but there’s an emotional release from that.”

That emotional release, according to Ms. Salvo, can lead to healing on a physical and emotional level.

The presentation is titled, “Healing, energy and how we can develop our own intuitive abilities.”

Ms. Salvo said she has worked as a holistic health practitioner for 30 years. She earned certification as a Master of Holistic Healing from the Tree of Light Institute in Utah 25 years ago. By her estimate she has seen more than 6,000 patients since then.

During her many years in practice, Ms. Salvo became interested in the root cause of medical and psychological problems. “I really tried to understand how we function, what happens when we’re feeling depressed,” she said.

Ms. Salvo eventually developed the Avana method (avana translates as joy in Sanskrit) to find and treat the causes of disease and emotional issues. “I really work with understanding things like what does the liver do? How does it present that it’s out of balance?”

For example, Ms. Salvo said, “Even if intellectually we say headaches come from the spine or from stress, I may find that it’s coming from the small intestine. I’ll say, ‘Let’s try to balance the small intestine. What’s going on with the small intestine.’ I’ll ask people, ‘What happened when you were six years old?’ I have to warn people that I can state a time that’s probably the most crucial time in that person’s life.”

Ms. Salvo believes that even major diseases can be brought on by an individual. “My motto is, I help people to help themselves. It’s about helping people come to peace and not feel like they’re a victim to their own body, their health issues, their depression, their addiction.”

Ms. Salvo, who previously had an office near Buffalo, New York, now travels between Florida and the Vineyard, where her daughter and granddaughter live. She hopes to start practicing on the Island in the near future.

Ms. Salvo has written a book, “Simple Answers to the Questions,” and is co-producer, with her son, of several meditation CDs. “The music is vibrational,” she said, “Music helps balance the energy of the body.”

The book and CDs are available at Sanctuary, the co-sponsor along with the Yoga Center of the upcoming presentation.

“I’ve been wanting to be part of this community,” said Ms. Salvo, “To assist in any way I can. I love the Island. My heart is here. This is home to me in many ways. I felt that I wanted to be present in the community to assist people.”

An Evening with Joyce Salvo – Medical Intuitive Healer Friday, March 29, from 6:30 until 7:30 pm at the MV Yoga Center, 73 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs. Admission is free. For more information, call 508-696-0381