Family Planning Art Show kicks off Family to Family capital campaign

From left: Therese Giegler; Catherine Coogan, Director of Family Planning; and her sister-in-law Nell Coogan. — Photo by Gail Daman

The annual Friends of Family Planning Art Show, held over Memorial Day weekend, featured art from more than 100 artists who donated a portion, or all, of their sales to the organization. At the opening party on Thursday evening, Island musician Kate Taylor announced the start of a $100,000 Family to Family capital campaign.

“We will be asking our Island community to help us raise funds to pay off the mortgage for the building that houses the Family Planning clinic,” wrote Jennifer Knight, president of the Friends of Family Planning of M.V., in an email. “We are asking families to sponsor gatherings to raise this money: from simple picnics or pool parties with friends to elegant cocktail parties or dinners — all to benefit Friends of Family Planning.”

The campaign began that evening when Dan Pesch made a $1,000 donation, then Elizabeth Eisenhauer of Eisenhauer Gallery purchased Emily Coulter’s personalized art installation for $1,500, with all proceeds going towards the campaign. And two gala attendees volunteered to host fundraising parties with Ms. Taylor as a guest.

“Preliminary art show results look like this is going to be one of our best shows ever,” continued Ms. Knight. “Not only did patrons buy art to support us, but it was, by far, the best year for donations given at the door.”

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