The darling Darlings are back at their home by the sea. Peter and Della, along with daughter Susan Greeley and granddaughter Mary Greeley, donned their chore clothes over the long weekend and knocked the cobwebs off and gave the fields a mow. Della and Peter spoke very highly of Mary and were clearly proud of her recent graduation from Quinnipiac University.

It’s a sure sign of spring when I get my first hug from the Darlings and one from another favorite couple, Emma and Bob Shalhope. The Shalhopes are back at Barn Again perched at the top of DH’s Hill. We’ve had the opportunity to catch up a bit and enjoy a couple of Tootsie Rolls.

Last weekend a bevy of ribbons was doled out at the Martha’s Vineyard Horse Council Horse Show at the Ag Hall. Bella Thorpe and Imogen Taylor both went home with blues, reds, and reserve champions. Bella was walking on cloud nine after her win in the pleasure pony division also. Katie Goldsmith ribboned also in the walk trot division.

Congratulations to Samantha Smith, eldest daughter of Kathy and Bill, who pomp and circumstanced her way to a diploma last weekend at Bridgewater State College.

Bill and Zee Gamson are just back from a trip to visit the California branch of their offspring. They spent a lot of time with their son, Josh, and his family. Granddaughters Reba and Maddy are delights and look forward to coming to Chilmark this summer. Other members of the extended family in northern California assembled for a Mother’s Day brunch at Josh and Richard’s wonderful house in Oakland. They also spent a fun-filled weekend in Santa Cruz with friends and took in all the sights at the rollicking Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Bill and Zee have returned home to tend to chores, visit with friends and prepare for the family to take up residence now and again over the summer.

Sad news comes to us from the Grey Barn and Farm. A devastating fire destroyed their creamery but, thankfully, left the family and livestock untouched. The Chilmark Fire Department responded rapidly and with mutual aid from West Tisbury the fire was out in short time. The Farm Stand will be closed for the time being.

On Tuesday June 4, the Chilmark Community Church hosts the “Neighborhood Convention,” a meeting of members of all the houses of worship on the Island. All are welcome to attend the program, which will take place at The Yard starting at 10:45 am. The gathering will be followed by a meeting and brown-bag lunch at the church. Drinks and desserts will be provided. At 6 pm, the church will hold it’s last Pizza Night. According to Pam Goff, there’s a possibility of a guest chef who may opt to serve spaghetti. As always, all are welcome. Your kids can play, the adults can visit and, of course, enjoy a round of the ever popular Bananagrams.

Heartfelt condolences go out to the family of Dick Smith who died last week at his Frog Alley home. Among many things, Dick served on the town Conservation Commission for a number of years. He was always good for a little go-around among friends at the Texaco.

Sadly, another loss has made its way to our community. Shirley Tilton, a regular fixture in Menemsha, passed away peacefully at home on May 23. Shirley, with her perfectly done hair, cardigan sweater, and sweet demeanor would often stop in at the Texaco for a cup of tea and package of cookies. She was often on her way to see if her son, Wayne Iacono, was on his boat any maybe catch a glimpse of grandson Vinny, too. She knew Wayne was always prepared for an impromptu cookout on the stern of his boat. She also leaves behind Stephanie Rossi, Kathleen Clancy, Wendy Marzbanian, Tania Stobie, and James Tilton and their families. A service is planned for later this summer.

Congratulations to the men and women stationed at USCG Station Menemsha. After a lengthy test of readiness, skill, performance, and training, they were awarded one of the highest Coast Guard honors, the Sumner I. Kimball Award. The last time Station Menemsha received the highly sought-after award was in 2008.