Okay, already, how did it become August?

My wall calendar is still turned to June — no joke. I seem to have skipped a WHOLE MONTH somehow. Just disappeared like a sandwich in the talons of a hungry seagull. Does everyone else feel like things are moving a bit too quickly around here?

The past week has been a revolving door of houseguests at my place, with my college buddies Laura Chavanne and Krista Grotto down from Camberville (that’s Cambridge and Somerville combined, for the uninitiated), followed by Dave’s mountain biking buddies Justin Schroth and Tom Bubier visiting from outside of Boston. We had a great week of beaching, floating, grilling, and chilling, and man do I need a nap!

Congratulations and a rah-rah-sis-boom-bah go out to the Shady Ladies, who won their first softball game in two seasons this past Thursday versus the Mamas, the youngest team in the league. Shady Edgartown ladies include Sue Sanford, Harriet Broun, Nicole Le Blond, and Megan Lizotte. Just days before, I was hanging out with Nicole and Harriet on the beach, listening to the stories of woe that have included near-wins in very high-scoring games, still ending in defeat. This victory was hard won and long sought after. So, yay team!

I’ve had word from Ellie Bates that daughter, Amy Bates, has returned to Chicago to begin her student teaching in Grade 3 at the city’s Cesar Chavez Multicultural Academic Center. While on Island, she visited with her Edgartown School teachers and esteemed mentors: Ann Hollister, Cindy Smith, Debra Yapp, Cindy (Marcella) Douglas, and of course, her mom. All wish her the very best and are thrilled she has chosen to follow them in this honorable profession. Have fun, Amy.

Marcy Bettencourt has written in to announce that the Island Autism Group’s 6th Annual Summer Fundraiser will take place Thursday, August 1, from 3 to 5 pm at The Daniel Fisher, so get over there and support this worthy cause.

Featherstone is having a special art show, opening Sunday, August 4, from 4 to 6 pm, entitled “9 Artists –13 years,” and featuring four of Edgartown’s own: Claire Chalfoun, Nancy Furino, Jeanne Staples, and Lyn Hinds. The nine women meet about every six weeks throughout the year, critiquing their work and sharing a meal while talking about art. The styles range from impressionistic to abstract, from landscapes and florals, to people involved in life. The show runs through August 21, so go check it out.

Calling all Junior High and High School aspiring cheerleaders: The high school program is back on the sidelines with two new coaches, Ms. Channon Capra and Ms. Sue Costello, while the Junior High Program will be led this year by Ms. Kari Scott. The first high school game is at home, on September 7, with the first JH game following a little later that month, after school begins. The cheerleading program will include cheering, dance, choreography, stunting, and tumbling skills. All current MVRHS students and Junior High students in grades 6 to 8 are welcome. High school athletes and their parents are invited to attend Coaches Night on August 7 at 6 pm in the high school gym. Cheerleading coaches can be contacted at 508-696-3787 (Channon) or 508-627-9568 (Sue) or 678-978-1234 (Kari, Junior High).

Marian Halperin will debut The Smiths of Pohoganut on Thursday, August 1, beginning at 5:30 pm in the Museum Library, 59 School Street Edgartown. The book features the diaries of Hannah and Rebecca Smith, which Halperin began transcribing at the Museum in 2011. Found among the treasures in the Museum’s archives, the diaries were written during the War of 1812.

In the diaries, Hannah and Rebecca Smith reflect on their reading, observations of the world around them, and their thoughts on mortality. In doing so, they provide a record for a time when the Vineyard didn’t have a newspaper, and they highlight the wartime dichotomy of living on a neutral island while King George’s ships were often a common sight. Also included in the book are Hannah’s entries from a decade later, which provide a sense of the rapid changes that occurred on the Island over such a short time. Halperin gives readers an introduction and background on the diaries and includes notes, comments, and a genealogy of the Smith, Butler, and Thaxter families, all featured in the journal entries.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Barbara Phillips and Jane Barbini, who celebrate on August 1; to Peter Lambos, August 2; to Derek Avakian and Claire Maxwell, August 3; to Melanie Rankow Prescott, Pam Dolby (Hi Mom!), and Zach Ward, August 5; to Ezra Agnew and Colette Fischer, August 6; and to Lizzy Ward, August 7. Hope you all have fun.