Tisbury man drives BMW into leg of parking attendant at Back Door Donuts


Oak Bluffs police arrested John D. Cecilio, 55, Saturday on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, his car, after the vehicle hit a parking attendant who tried to stop him from entering the crowded lot behind Reliable Market, where a line of more than 75 hungry donut lovers waited at Back Door Donuts.

Police officers Ben Ford and Jeffrey Scheller responded around 10:30 pm to a report of a disturbance at Back Door Donuts. Parking attendant Tyran Davis told police he was hit by a car driven by Mr. Cecilio, but had no significant injuries.

According to the police report, Mr. Cecilio drove into the parking lot through the exit and attempted to park his BMW in a restricted spot. Mr. Davis told Mr. Cecilio several times that he could not park there because it was restricted for customers only, and he was not a customer. Mr. Cecilio accelerated and drove his BMW into the lower leg of Mr. Davis, police said.

Police said about 75 people were in the parking lot, including children, waiting to order from Back Door Donuts. Several witnesses confirmed Mr. Davis’s account, and police placed Mr. Cecilio under arrest.

He was transported to the Dukes County Jail and released that night on a $200 bond, according to jail officials.