I was told a Globe Trotter appeared at Flanders Field softball. At first I thought to myself that this fellow is versatile — as in softball and basketball. I then realized the Commish, also known as Bill Edison, was referring to a different type of Globe-trotter. Mark Shanahan, a reporter from The Boston Globe, took to the field and gathered a little intel about the diverse cast of characters at the weekly get-togethers. Apparently, he set aside his pen and pad, donned a glove, and made a mad defensive play behind second base. He managed to pick off a line drive to center with a smile. You will be happy to know that if you manage to make the September 1 game you will enjoy a triple-header, potluck barbecue and be treated to an awards ceremony for dessert.

For someone who is vacationing in Oak Bluffs, Billie Hancock sure does spend a lot of time in Chilmark. What’s the reason? Her grandson, Christian, of course. Yes, her daughter, Buffy, and son-in-law, Gil, are close runner-ups but Christian sure tops the list.

Billie has been lucky enough to have her sister, Patsy, for a visit, too. They tool around together like the best of friends.

Andy Bluestein and his bride, Stephanie Sprout, along with pooch, Bridger, made a trip to town this past weekend. The happy trio wandered Menemsha chatting with old friends along the way. They also managed a pilgrimage to Back Door Donuts and a blue-skied adventure to Cuttyhunk.

Tori (Shanok), Will, Emma, Kate, and Will Dolan said their farewells as they made their way to the ferry this past weekend. I’ll bet the drive back to Hingham was a grueling one: none of the family members were quite ready to call it a summer on Martha’s Vineyard. We were lucky enough to add 14-year-old Emma to our Texaco family this summer. We are hoping she will return next summer and maybe even pop down for a weekend visit or two. Grandparents Susan and Bill Shanok stopped in just enough to say hello to her at work but never crossed the line when it came to checking up on their granddaughter.

The Harrison-Parker clan has been in town. Sophie, Meghan, Phoebe, and Isabel along with mom Rebecca have managed to get in some good cousin time with the Keene clan and Harrison entourage. Eldest Sophie has joined the Texaco family this summer as well. Peter and Amy Harrison have their three little girls in tow. I spotted the two littlest indulging in chocolate milk.

Chas Hollinger mentioned to me a while back he was planning to show some of his artwork at the Chilmark Sovereign Bank. I waited and waited for the details, but Chas is modest. So, a remarkable woman he fondly refers to as Mom (Kathy Coe to the rest of us) emailed me the details. The show will run from September 20 through October 4. A little shindig will mark the opening, 4–6 pm on the 20th. This must mean a great deal to Chas because he will have to cut into a little of his Derby fishing time.

Derby. Wow, did I say Derby? Check the line. Retie the knots. It’s nearly time to hit the jetty in hopes of a winner.